Airbrush Body Paint

Full body airbrush paint

The fastest growing field of temporary body art today is airbrush body paint. Airbrushing can apply simple or intricate designs in seconds, opening the door to new and innovative body art.


While airbrushing in today's culture means hot graphics, body art and t-shirt designs, it had a very different beginning. Airbrushing was first created as a means to touch up or color black and white photographs. The ease and speed which the airbrush tool lends to the artist meant color could be applied in new ways, opening the field to new possibilities.

Today, airbrush body paint is changing the way face painting, temporary body art and tattoos are applied and viewed. Stencils and free hand designs combine to produce thousands of images that can be applied anywhere on the body in seconds.

Body Paint

Body painting can trace its roots back to the 12th century when it was applied to religious practitioners in France and Germany. Originally confined to symbols and images on the chest, arms and back the practice eventually grew to include face painting and full body art.

Originally, body paints were made of clay mixed with pigments derived from plants. Textile dyes, face makeup and henna have also been used over the years in various cultures to produce various types of temporary body art.

Airbrushing on the face or body is quickly growing in popularity amongst artists. The speed with which the paint can be applied means an entire body can be covered in minutes. The paint can be applied transparently or opaquely to lend a three-dimensional quality to the paint.

Airbrush Body Paint

Body Paints for Airbrush Art

In addition to the speed and quality of the look achieved through airbrushing, the paint itself has a large draw. Airbrush paint for body and makeup use is available in a very wide range of colors, including fluorescents and metallics, allowing the user to achieve unique results not previously possible. The paint itself is waterproof, and if cared for properly, may even last up to a week before beginning to fade.

Airbrush paint for face and body use is non-toxic and safe for children's face painting. It can be quickly sprayed over a stencil, or applied in freehand designs and layers for a custom look.

Airbrush Body Art

The possibilities of body art achieved through airbrushing are nearly endless. Colors can be layered, sprayed on transparently, or applied in small detailed areas. A base coat of paint can be applied to a section of the wearer's body, with additional paint layered on top for a rich, multicolored effect.

The ease of use, control and quick application make this art ideal for children's parties and face painting, as well as total body coverage.

Caring for Airbrush Paint on the Body

If you've just been sprayed and you want to keep your body paint looking great as long as possible, there are some things you can do to help maintain the color.

Keep it Dry

While most airbrush paint is waterproof, the dryer it stays the longer it will last. How you go about keeping it dry depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, the colors will last longer than if you skin produces a lot of oil. In the case of oily skin, washing with a gently soap and water will actually help to maintain the color longer. Just be sure to pat it dry carefully, and only wash when necessary.


Translucent makeup or cornstarch powders can help your airbrush body art last. The powder will help absorb some of the oils in your skin which can break down the pigments in the paint. Dust your body art with powder at least once a day, more if you have oily skin to maintain the color.

Start with Clean Skin

Wash and dry your skin well before applying the paint. If you skin is free of oil before the paint is applied, it will have a better chance of sticking and lasting.

Airbrush paint is available for sale at most temporary body art retailers, as well as at many art supply retailers. Body paint artists are beginning to use this technique with more frequency, making it easier than ever to find an artist who can paint your skin with this dazzling method. Give airbrush paint a try the next time you want to transform your skin with color in a jiffy!

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