Airbrush Tattoos


Along with the ever-growing popularity of tattoos, temporary tattoos, such as airbrush tattoos, are also gaining a strong foothold with those who want to experiment before - or instead of - committing to a permanent tattoo.

What Are Airbrush Tattoos?

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using a system very similar to the one used for doing airbrush art. The airbrush itself is often smaller than the airbrush used for artistic purposes, and the person applying the tattoo will normally use a stencil to help create the design. The ink used is also different, as it must be hypo-allergenic and approved by the FDA.

Why Get a Spray On Tattoos?

Airbrush tattoos can last from seven to fourteen days - far longer than your average temporary tattoo. They take only a few minutes to apply, and you can normally have customized stencils made for you, allowing you to have a completely unique temporary tattoo. They are waterproof, but easily removed with baby oil.

How Are They Applied


There are five simple steps to getting an airbrush tattoo:

  • First: The skin where the tattoo will be applied is thoroughly cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil.
  • Second: The stencil that is to be used is also cleaned. Although there isn't the same type of risks for skin infections as a normal tattoo would have, you still want to make sure you aren't having something placed on your skin that was on someone else's.
  • Third: The tattoo is airbrushed on. This can take fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the number of colors and the intricacy of the design. Depending on the stencil you choose, there may be several stages with different layers.
  • Fourth: The overspray is removed, again with rubbing alcohol.
  • Fifth: The tattoo is dusted with talc to help it dry and set it.

Where To Get an Airbrush Tattoo


You can get these spray on tattoos done at parties, at temporary tattoo stands or parlors, or by getting the kit and getting/giving them yourself!

There are several companies that offer to come to your event and give your guests airbrush tattoos. One such company is Airbrush Tattoo, located in Australia.

Many fairs and carnivals have airbrush tattoos stands where you can get one done. There are also many permanent parlors, often set up in tourist areas or near beaches, that offer airbrush tattoos year-round. Check your local yellow pages for permanent locations.

Finally, you can buy an airbrush tattoo kit and give them yourself! While it may be difficult to apply one to your own skin, you can learn with a partner and practice on each other.

Temporary Tans

Temporary tans are probably the most common form of airbrush tattoos. Many salons and spas offer temporary tans as one of their services. Airbrush temporary tans offer the glow of a tan with none of the side effects of using a tanning booth or the harmful rays of the sun. Using an airbrush, the tan is applied to the skin. It can be an all-over tan, or you can keep on your bikini or swim-suit, making it look even more natural. The ink used is clear, but it contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts with the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin to create a tanned appearance. (DHA is approved by the FDA, and it has been in use in cosmetics for over thirty years.) The tan created with DHA will fade over five to ten days.

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Airbrush Tattoos