Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

Ankle bracelet tattoo

Some of the most unique tattoos can be found at the ends of legs in the form of an ankle bracelet. These delicately-styled ankle tattoos are a great way to show off your designs while adorning your legs.

Defining Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

Ankle bracelet tats can be seen as an ink anklet around your lower leg. Like wristband tattoos, ankle bracelets go all the way around the ankle in a circle fashion. There is some debate among artists as to whether or not an ankle bracelet should be tattooed in a closed circular manner; some feel that to close the circle on an anklet or bracelet means bad luck. There are many different themes that can be seen in this type of tattoo, ranging from a stark black barbed wire tattoo to a colorful charm bracelet tat. The circular style of these tattoos allows for many different ideas that can take advantage of this area and its specific anatomy.

Ankle Bracelet Ideas

dolphin anklet tattoo

There are many ways to get inspiration for an ankle bracelet tat. Many designs can be easily adapted to the area and style, while others are made just for this part of the body. Try any of these ideas:

  • Create an ankle tat based upon a piece of ankle jewelry. Recreate the chain, links, charms or other characteristics in a tattoo.
  • Make a staff of music. Five lines and a treble clef, along with some notes, can make a great looking anklet.
  • Create an ivy vine going around your ankle to show your love of nature.
  • For a tat with a bit more color try a morning glory vine. These trumpet-shaped flowers also grow on a vine and can make a different style for your nature-inspired tat.
  • Runes, Kanji or symbols arranged in a circle around your ankle can also give the appearance of an anklet - try translating a favorite saying or loved one's name into characters here.
  • Show your faith with rosary beads that wrap your ankle and end with a cross balanced on your foot.

Tribal Ankle Tattoos

Tribal ankle bracelet

As with most parts of the body, tribal designs are great for creating interesting looking ankle bracelet tattoos. These all-black tattoos can be customized to the wearer, so they can include any lumps or bumps that are naturally occurring in your ankle area. Tribal tattoos can also include other images or themes, such as crosses, butterflies and almost any other item you can think of. Incorporating these images into a tribal ankle bracelet can add a new flare to a classic type of tattoo.

More Ideas

Do you need some help deciding? Here are some websites with more ideas for your new tattoo:

  • Tattoo Joy shows many different ankle tats, with ankle bracelets made out of vines and flowers shown as examples.
  • Tattoo Design offers numerous ankle tattoo photos including some unique anklets.

Ankle Tattoo Considerations

Nicole Richie

Ankle tattoos may take quite a bit of planning and tattoo time to create. They can also be quite painful - as with any tattoo that's done in an area with more bone, there is less fat and muscle to cushion the tattoo as it is being completed. Additionally, ankle tattoos (especially those that go all the way around the ankle) are in a sensitive area that gets much activity, from everyday movement to rubbing pant legs. It is often better to get tattoos in this area during a time of year when you don't have to wear long pants.

A Feminine Tattoo

Ankles have long been a favorite spot for women to get tattoos. Right at the end of what many feel is the shapeliest part of the female body, the ankle can be a great place for a little tattoo. Accentuated by wearing high heels or sandals, ankle tats can draw attention to a woman's legs, or be covered up, depending on what is needed at the time. Creating a bracelet on this area adds a feminine and delicate touch that dresses up the leg and shows it off to its best advantage.

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Ankle Bracelet Tattoos