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Looking for awesome tattoos that you can get? There are a lot of options available.

Full back tattoos can be one of the most awesome types of tattoos out there. A large, graphic tribal pattern like the one shown here can take charge and really say something. Tribal not your taste? Full back tattoos also look great in more delicate patterns or in full-colored scenes.

Don't Be Afraid to Take Chances

Koi fish are a popular type of tattoo but usually in smaller areas of the body. Taking a risk and getting a giant tattoo of one on your back makes for one of the most awesome tattoos out there. Why? The woman who got the tattoo shown here wasn't afraid to move forward and take a risk. Take that to heart for your next tattoo. Awesome ink comes from a great idea.

If fish aren't your thing, remember you don't need just one tattoo to cover your whole back. You can move into it gradually by incorporating smaller scenes. Consider getting the cast of your favorite animated feature a little at a time.

Make the Tattoo Yours

Angels wings are another popular type of awesome tattoo out there, but you can still make them your own. Even in the most used tattoo patterns, there's still room to customize with styling and using other color options. For example, the woman here combined koi with an angel wing type of placement to make a great design.

What Works for You?

If you're not the type of person to get a giant tattoo on your body, don't do it. Stay true to your own style and who you are to produce the coolest ink possible.

The tattoo pictured here works for the woman because it helps characterize who she is. The piece might not be large or even use color, but it's unique.

Pay Attention to Design

While staying true to yourself and picking a cool location are important in awesome tattoos, it is also just as important to pick a great design.

Make It Work

Word tattoos are common, and so are chest tattoos. So, how can you make this popular ink look it's best? In this picture, the wearer chose words important to him and picked a great lettering style.

Work with your tattoo artist to create a powerful design that means something to you. If you're not satisfied with some part of the inkwork, work with it until you are. There's no need to give up on a design if you feel passionate about it. Being passionate about what you want to represent usually translates into the coolest tattoos!

Awesome Designs Work

Even the simplest of tattoos can pop with a great design. While the tattoo pictured here might not be bright or ornate, the design pops right off of the wearer because the design looks great.

Finding a great tattoo artist is one of the best things you can do to get awesome ink.

Simple Can Be Best

What's the secret behind awesome tattoos? Sometimes simple can work best. A nice pattern on your foot, lower back, hip or anywhere else might seem done to death, but it can provide some of the best looking ink. If it works for you then it works, and others will love it!

Final Thought: Take a Risk

Have a great idea for a tattoo? Go for it! A spotted cat pattern on the arms might sound like a great idea, but it looks even cooler inked. Tattoos in more visible areas can be a big problem for some people, but don't be afraid to go for it if you really feel strongly about your design.

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