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Tribal armband tattoos are not only interesting, but a lot of times, they hold meaning. Whether they are showing your culture or you just like how they look, there are plenty of ideas for awesome tribal armband tattoos. These can be delicate and dainty or bold and beautiful. You can also customize a tribal piece with very little effort.

Men and women can both wear armbands, and their placement is perfect for impromptu coverups if needed. Get some fresh ideas for tribal bands and decide whether or not they're your style!

Thick Tribal Lines

Tribal tattoos can take on many forms. This bold thick piece uses thick lines and swirls to dance around the arm. The boldness of the line makes it fit perfectly on the bulk of the upper arm. While the piece looks great in black, adding some color can give the same design a more feminine appeal. Given the swirls and points adding red and orange could make this a unique tribal flame tat. This tattoo is only limited by your imagination.

Dancing Tribal Vines

Tribal arm bands don't all have to be thick and bold. Making your tat out of vines and incorporating Chinese symbols can make this design original to you. Not only does this give a unique softness to the swirls and points, but it isn't what you expect of traditional tribal pieces. It gives the work a very earthy appeal that would look great in brown or green tones. If you are trying to give the ink cultural significance, the vines work really well to represent the natural harmony of nature. The vine look is so versatile that you could even choose to expand it down your whole bicep.

Add Some Culture

A cultural or Samoan tribal armband is a unique alternative to the typical designs. These tats also have tons of symbolize behind them. For example, the rippling lines in the tattoo can be used to symbolize the ocean. The x symbols might represent something personal to the inked person's life. The repetition and boxes can hold a whole other meaning as well. While Samoan tattoos might seem to fit men, these pieces look just as good on women. Adding color can customize them to add a more feminine look. For example, you might add pale blues and purples to make some of the lines pop.

It's All About Symbolism

Tribal armband tattoos can be full of meaning, especially Polynesian tribal tattoos. These tats have decorated the skin of a culture for centuries and each element can signify something different. From the turtle to the tiki face, every element holds value. The turtle is connected to the earth and harmony, but can also mean navigation. The tiki face can be a protector. Other elements like the sun and ocean are also typically represented through the circles and wavy lines. You can give your tattoo a unique spin by going beyond black and adding shading or even color. This design can also be made smaller by removing some of the turtle elements.

Expand Your Tribal Armband

Armbands don't need to be small. In fact, they can take up a good majority of your arm. To be an armband, they just need to wrap around. Therefore, you can have them expanding along your forearm or bicep like this geometric armband. The overlapping circles and swirls work together to create a cohesive armband that works into the tribal dragon piece above it. While not your typical tribal piece, the thin circles and swirls of the tribal meld together to create a unique space. Not looking for something this large, you might choose to shrink it down into a single one or two inch band instead.

Not Just for Boys

Tribal armband tattoos can work great on women in addition to men. The lines of the tattoo can take a softer, more feminine approach through using elements like dots and curling or swirling lines. Rather than looking like vines or rays wrapping around the arm, the lines of the tribal tat might emulate flowers or butterfly wings. Much like this design, they can also make a unique angle as they wrap around the arm and move into the shoulder blade.

Intricate Tribal Pieces

While you might think that all tribal work have to be bold and thick, feminine or Mehndi tribal designs include fine needle work and intricate, repeating shapes. These designs are not only eye-catching but dance around the arm. This symbolic tat might represent fertility, luck, or even strength. You might try these tribal armbands in henna or even varying colored permanent ink to add interest.

Adding a Little Color

Tribal designs aren't just about lines. You might add other different elements that swirl around your arms with the tribal. For example, you might choose to add colorful flowers that pop along the bold black tribal lines. You can also use shading and gray wash to add dimension to your tribal lines. The combination of the colorful flowers and shading can make an eye-popping piece of art that won't soon be forgotten. Remember, tribal pieces should never be boring.

Native Armbands

Native ink can hold a lot of different meanings. Each individual shape is unique, and typically, has a distinct meaning. For example, a thick black band might be used to mourn the loss of a loved one. While the arrow might symbolize courage or movement forward. While it might just look like a series of bands and shapes to the untrained eye, tribal tattoos hold a wealth of personalized, ancient meanings. Now all you have to worry about is where you want to have it wrap around your arm.

Ornate Tribal Armbands

Tribal arm bands can create a beautiful ornate look that is similar to lace or decorations. While an ornate tribal piece can flow around just your forearm, you might take them beyond the arm creating a whole piece of art. For example, you might have this lacey tribal art flow into your hand. The repetitive elements and different flowing pieces can attract attention. Plus, they add an appealing beauty.

Finding Your Inspiration

Armband tats made of tribal lines can be funky, fun and unique. Not only are the tats limitless, but they are fully customizable. You can adapt a wide variety of design ideas into tribal style tattoos. For more inspiration, check out Tribal Butterfly Tattoos and Punk Tattoos.

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