Body Art Photos

Gallery of Body Art Photos

Body art photos show the many ways people express themselves using their own flesh as a canvas.

From piercing to branding to tattoos and more, it's amazing to see different examples of this highly personal art form. some body art is only temporary like body painting or Mehndi, while other forms are more permanent.

Full Back Tattoo

This beautiful woman has a full back tattoo that stretches onto her arms as well.

A tattoo like this takes many hours and a lot of endurance to complete, but the result is simply stunning.

Tattoo Sleeve

Here's another look at a tattoo.

This is a Maori-style sleeve, and it's part of the incredibly popular tribal tattoo genre.

Body Paint

Permanent ink is not the only option when it comes to body art.

Body paint may only be temporary, but the medium offers both painter and model an incredible amount of artistic freedom. Even a simple eye design complimented by the proper setting can create a stunning photo that lasts long after the paint has been washed away.

Full Body Paint

Full body paint can create a more dramatic effect.

Here, this model has been transformed into a snow leopard for a fantasy shot.


Mehndi is a cultural tattooing tradition that was initially reserved for brides.

Henna is applied to the skin in order to stain it in a variety of patterns.

More Mehndi

Here is another look at the incredible intricacy that is typical of henna designs.

Unfortunately, the designs will fade away in just a couple of weeks unless more henna is applied to refresh them.

Body Piercing

You can pierce nearly any part of your body, but this photo shows how a simple ear piercing is slowly stretched to accommodate a large ear gauge.


Branding is a form of scarification.

Hot irons and cautery tools can both be used to burn the skin in specific patterns. The result is a raised scar with artistic value.

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Body Art Photos