Breast Tattoos

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One of the most talked about body placements for a tattoo design is the breast tattoo. This could coincide with the fact that breasts are often a topic of discussion in general. Forums throughout the Internet show people debating ad nauseum about the aesthetic value and even the safety of breast tattoos. Obviously, very few people feel the breast is a "gray area" in regard to using them as a canvas for body art.

Tattoos on Breasts Are Not New

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Native women from around the world have tattooed their breasts since the time of early man. In Egypt, the mummified remains of successful courtesans have tattoos on the breasts and stomach areas. Women of native North American tribes, the Maoris of New Zealand, and Polynesian women have all worn breast tattoos. These tattoos were used to communicate sexual maturity and make a woman more attractive.

A Woman and Her Ink

Many women with breast tattoos choose to get inked to commemorate a turning point in their lives. Some women get them to celebrate sexuality, to enhance an already beautiful body part and make it more eye-catching. Or in the adverse, to make a statement that her body is her own, and if her taste in art offends you, perhaps her time is better spent elsewhere.

No matter why a woman has decided to get a breast tattoo, it should be a well thought out process not to be taken lightly. She should keep in mind that this tattoo is going to be with her always. It will be there when she is with a lover for the first time, when she nurses her babies, and when she enters the sunset of her life.

Concerns About Breast Tattoos

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  • Risk of Infection- The most obvious concern that most people have about getting a breast tattoo is the risk of infection. This should be a top concern for any person getting a tattoo anywhere on their body. Take your decision to get a tattoo seriously, and find a reputable tattoo artist that adheres to all safety and hygiene practices as prescribed by the laws of the community. Most good artists are maniacal about safety and cleanliness, but always do your research and get references whenever possible.
  • Breasts change shape and will affect the tattoo's appearance- In many cases, this is true. The skin on the breast stretches and shrinks during pregnancy and due to natural aging. Sometimes it will change the appearance of a breast tattoo. If a woman has small or firm breasts and takes good care of her skin, the tattoo is less likely to become distorted with the passing of time. All tattoos can become "fuzzy" over time, no matter where they are located.
  • The tattoo ink will poison my baby if I decide to nurse- This is a patently false urban legend perpetrated by people who just don't get body art. There has not been one documented case of infant "death by ink" from breast milk!
  • Social stigma- If you are concerned about what other people think of your tattoo, you may wish to reconsider getting one. The beauty of a breast tattoo is that it does not have to be seen. If it is seen, it will most likely elicit strong opinions, so you will need to be secure in your decision to have a tattoo.

Design Suggestions

Most of the tattoo designs for breast tattoos have a feminine theme. Floral motifs, vines, and delicate spider webs are elements that you may want to consider for a nature-themed tattoo. Unicorns, stars, moons and fairies are some of the fantasy themes for these types of tattoos.

Take your time making your design selection; talk with your artist for input and suggestions about your tattoo. Be sure that he is comfortable working on this part of your body, and that you are going to be at ease with him touching you in a personal way.

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Breast Tattoos