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One of Britney Spears' many tattoos

Sighting a Britney Spears tattoo is a rare event indeed. Brit's body ink is brushed out in nearly every official publicity still and poster, so it's mostly up to the paparazzi to capture snaps of the troubled diva's tats to share with the rest of the world.

The Britney Spears Tattoo List

At last check, the Britney Spears tattoo count stood at nine. These tattoos include:

  • A flower fairy: This very sweet design is located on Britney's lower back in the location most people refer to as the place for a tramp stamp.
  • Kabbalah symbols: The three symbols on the back of Britney's neck are basically supposed to translate to "healing". However, there have been reports that the symbols were tattooed out of order and therefore don't convey the meaning they were intended to deliver. If this really is the case, it's a good example of why you should do your homework before getting a tattoo in a language you don't understand. You can't always depend on the artist to get it right for.
  • A kanji and flower: This tattoo is reportedly located on the front of one of Brit's hips. The kanji in the center of the flower is supposed to stand for mystery, but some people have argued that the meaning of this particular kanji actually stands for strange. File this as another case of "lost in translation".
  • A toe ring: A simple daisy design wraps around the second toe on Brit's right foot.
  • Butterfly vine tattoo: Also located on her right foot, this simple design is actually very attractive. Traditionally, butterflies symbolize freedom. Perhaps Britney was expressing a deep-seated need to be free from the spotlight and the confines of her massive celebrity?
  • A star: Like many of Britney's tattoos, the star found on her right hand is rather small and seems fairly simple in details.
  • Pink dice: You'll find this pair of dice on the inside of Britney's left wrist. Dice often symbolize taking risks in life.
  • A pink cross: Britney got this tattoo on the same day she notoriously shaved her head. It's difficult to speculate on what the design means to her, but perhaps she was feeling persecuted by the media at the time. Considering the number of paparazzi tracking her moves, it's a strong possibility.
  • Pink lips: These were reportedly inked on Brit's wrist during the same session she received the cross on her hip.

Chaotic Describes It Best

Unfortunately, Britney's overall chaotic look tends to make her seem more like a practice pad for new tattooists than a cutting edge artist in her own right. Although it's not a tattoo artist's job to dictate which tattoos any client should get, at least some friendly advice should be offered when it appears to be needed. Perhaps Britney received that advice and chose to chart her own course anyway? After all, tattoos are highly personal.While there's nothing wrong with diversity in design, many tattoo enthusiasts believe that your body ink ought to at least have some personal meaning, even if that meaning isn't immediately apparent to the rest of the world. Considering the total effect of Britney Spears' many tattoos, it's difficult to see a great deal of rhyme or reason to them. A few appear to have been chosen with a clear intention, but the mistakes in some designs may have skewed those meanings. Still, given all of the recent drama in the young singer's life, hopefully she's able to draw both strength and solace from her body art.

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Britney Spears Tattoo