Cartilage Piercing Gallery

Cool Cartilage Piercing Gallery

This cartilage piercing gallery proves there's a lot more to pierce than just your earlobes! Cartilage is the thick yet flexible tissue found around the ear and in the nose, and while it's a bit more difficult to pierce than the standard lobe, it's worth it if you want an edgier look. The following pages catalog a number of different cartilage piercings. The young woman pictured here has a septum piercing and a nostril piercing.

Tragus Piercing

In addition to the three piercings that stretch from this young woman's lobe to the beginning of her ear rim cartilage, she is also sporting a piercing in her tragus, the flap of cartilage that extends over the opening of the ear canal.

Series of Helix Piercings

The woman in this image has a series of helix piercings running around the outside edge of her ear. A helix piercing passes through the outermost edge of the inner ear.

Nostril Piercing

This young woman is wearing a standard nostril piercing with a captive bead ring.

Rook Piercing

Look closely, and you'll see an example of a rook ear piercing. It's located above the tragus and the piercing is performed vertically. The snug is a variation of the rook that passes horizontally through the cartilage.

Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is essentially two helix piercings connected with barbell style jewelry.


The woman in this image has nearly every type of ear cartilage piercing known to man, and they make quite a dramatic presentation. It takes a good deal of time to build up to this many piercings because they are done in stages and require healing time before getting the next set.

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Cartilage Piercing Gallery