Cat Paw Tattoos

Cat paws

You can use cat paw tattoos to express your affection for a special pet or your general enthusiasm for felines. Here are a bounty of ideas you can use to create your own original designs.

Design Ideas for Cat Paw Tattoos


Whether you like house cats, the big cats or both, a realistic cat paw tat undoubtedly looks cool. There are a lot of ways to flesh out your design. Your first and probably easiest choice is a basic foot pad design. You can add claws or leave them off if you want a softer look. Another idea would include a view of the entire paw complete with fur. Yet another take on cat paw tats would include claw marks. One design idea would be to have the paw digging its claws into your flesh with a little blood oozing from the wounds. Or, you might like the look of fresh scratches left behind after having been swiped by a cat. This could be especially meaningful if your pet cat walks a little on the wild side. As you can see, you're only limited by your own imagination when it comes to creating your own designs.


Realistic paws are great, but there's no rule that says cat paw tattoos have to look like the real thing. You can take a basic paw outline and fill it in however you like. Make it striped, polka dotted or even paisley. You might also choose to have a pad outline filled in with your favorite big cat's fur pattern like tiger stripes or leopard spots.

Paw trails

Your Own Cat's Paws

If you happen to own your own cat, you can use his/her personal paw prints to create a really unique tattoo that will always remind you of your pet. Admittedly, taking prints of one or more of your cat's paws won't be an easy task, but a few clear prints would really help your artist create the flash for your design. This can be a two-person job as long as your cat is comfortable with your partner. Spread a length of butcher block paper on the floor, and while one of you holds your cat, the other person can gently press a non-toxic ink pad against his paws. Once this is accomplished, set the cat down on the paper and allow him to walk away. Hopefully this will leave you with at least one good print to use as the basis of your tattoo design. If not, you can turn the paper over and try again until you get a print you're satisfied with. Just make sure kitty doesn't wind up inking the rest of your floor carpet and furniture by cleaning his feet with a pet wipe afterward.

Placement Ideas

Whichever type of cat paw tattoos you choose to go with, the design is only half of the total picture. The placement of your tattoo is crucial to ensure your body art is a success.

First, consider the size of your design. Are you working with a very tiny print? If so, it might be better to enlarge it on a copier so the details are easier to see. Once you're satisfied, try placing the paws in different areas on your body to get an idea of how your finished tattoo will look. Maybe your cat likes to lean on your leg while you open his dinner with the can opener? In this case, placing the tat on your calf or the side of your leg is kind of like having him there all the time. If you happen to live with one of those cats that likes to wake you up by standing on your chest while licking your face with its sandpaper tongue, it would be neat to place a paw on either side just below your collar bones.

If you choose a less realistic design, there are still plenty of placement options. Your tattoo artist can link a series of small cat paws around your wrist, arm or ankle like a bracelet. If you'd rather wear ink than earrings, you might have a small paw tattooed on each ear lobe. Even a cat paw placed on your behind would look kind of sexy when you reveal it to just the right person. Play around with your ideas for a while until you just know you've found the right place to permanently ink your tat.

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