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Japanese tattoo design

Tattoo art around the world is unique. From the patriotic tats of America to the henna designs found in Saudi Arabia. Cultural tattoos can signify everything from religion to class status. Each design holds a different meaning. Take the work out of finding the perfect tattoo for you by exploring the various cultural tattoos available.

Getting a Cultural Tattoo

Tattoos are individual to their culture. For example, Japanese tattoos have been used to show that a person is a criminal or to tell a life story as in the case of the full-body style known as Horimono. Other tribal designs show whether you belong to a specific tribe, such as in the Maori culture, or designate you as having a specific role in the tribe. Learn about different cultural tattoo designs and meanings by exploring some of the unique cultures out there.

Choose Wisely

Before you choose a cultural tattoo, be sure to research the meanings of your tat thoroughly. Nothing could be worse than having a permanent reminder that you didn't choose carefully, so you'll want to make sure that your ink is saying the right thing to the world at large. Reputable tattoo artists and shops will be happy to explain the meaning of your design. You wouldn't want the wrong Kanji tattoo or even Latin word.

Finding the Right Cultural Tat

Many people choose to get a cultural tattoo based on their own culture or ancestry, while others choose to express themselves via the designs of a different culture. It doesn't matter which type of tattoo you choose - just as long as it holds an important meaning for you.

Cultural Tattoos