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In the tattoo chair

The proper tattoo care is important not only to make sure that your design keeps its shape and retains its color for as long as possible, but also to ensure you do not endanger your health.

About Tattoo Care

Begin at the Beginning

Proper tattoo care actually begins before the ink is ever inserted under your skin. It requires the tattooist to practice proper sterilization and safety practices such as not reusing needles and keeping sanitary shop conditions. This is necessary to avoid spreading diseases, such as Hepatitis that attacks the liver, and preventing skin infections.

It is also important to make sure you are not allergic to the inks used during the tattoo process. Not all tattoo inks are formulated the same, so even if you have an existing tattoo, that doesn't mean you won't experience a reaction this time. Make sure you disclose any allergies you may have and, if possible, have a small skin test done before committing to a full design.

Tattoo Aftercare

Even if you are careful and do all the right things to confirm your tattooist is working in a sterile environment, it is still your responsibility to guarantee aftercare is sufficient to avoid developing infections during the healing process. This may include doing things like staying out of the sun, not wearing shoes over a foot tattoo or avoiding clothing that may rub against the design.

After the area has healed, tattoo care doesn't end. In order to keep the colors from fading, it is important to wear a good sunscreen over your tat and use a good moisturizer.

In Conclusion

Just like any work of art, a tattoo comes with a certain amount of upkeep to make sure that it stays in good condition and properly reflects the beauty that you originally intended.

Tattoo Care