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Article Highlight: How to Make Fake Skin for Tattooing Practice

It is said that practice makes perfect. Therefore, using practice skins for tattooing can be helpful. However, if you are just learning, buying practice skins can get expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to… Keep reading »

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Basic tattooing equipment and supplies

Any professional tattooist will tell you the key to creating a good tattoo takes more than just skill in the application; it takes the proper supplies and resources as well. Learn more about what supplies are out there, as well as where to get them, on LoveToKnow Tattoos.

Information and Ideas

Whether you're planning on getting some new ink or if you're thinking of becoming a tattoo artist yourself, there's a lot to know and understand about tattoos and what goes into making one. Learn information on various aspects of the ink world, such as:

Tattoo Inks

In addition to design and tools, ink is one of the most important parts of a tattoo. Learn about all the different facets of tattoo ink, including:

  • Making your own: If you've ever wondered if its possible to make your own tattoos, you'll find recipes that may help you do just that, as well as lists of ingredients for commercial inks.
  • Specialty inks: Not all tattoo inks are created equally. Learn about different kinds of ink, such as vegan ink that uses only vegetable-based pigments and ink that glows in the dark.
  • Colors and pigments: Learn about the different pigments and dyes that go into tattoo ink to give it those different and vibrant colors.

Get Inked

When you have a better understanding of the different supplies and resources that are used to make a tattoo, you'll also have a greater appreciation for the tattoo process. Get informed about the various components of your tattoo and prepare to get inked.

Tattoo Supplies and Resources