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Tattooed Celebrities

Article Highlight: Brad Pitt Tattoos

Tattoos sported by popular celebrities such as Brad Pitt are endlessly fascinating to their fans. The star has an array of tattoos, each one unique and holding personal meaning. From an original drawing to Latin… Keep reading »

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Angelina Jolie tats

People are fascinated by the stars, and tattooed celebrities seem to be particularly fascinating to fans. When people want to know what the stars are wearing, they're no longer just looking at their fashions; body art is also part of the package. Learn about which celebrities sport what tattoos on LoveToKnow Tattoos.

Celebrities and Tattoos

If you're anxious to know more about the ink your favorite celebrity has been seen with, you'll find that information on LoveToKnow Tattoos with topics like:

  • Specific tattoos: Learn more about the specific tattoos a celebrity may be sporting, like Brittany Spears' Hebrew or Fairy tattoos.
  • Tattoo meanings: Discover the meaning behind Angelina Jolie's tattoos, as well as the tattoos of other popular stars.
  • Tattoos by celebrity: Get information on tattoos sported by specific celebrities from Brad Pitt to Pink.

Information and Trivia

Go beyond the basics of which celebs sport some ink, and get some extra information on the subject, like:

Satisfy Your Curiosity

A fascination with the stars is perfectly normal, and when they're inked, it's even more understandable. Satisfy your curiosity by learning more about your favorite tattooed celebs and gain a deeper understanding for their creative process.

Tattooed Celebrities