Temporary Tattoos and Body Art

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Mark your skin with symbolic beauty and watch the design deepen, darken and fade. Henna is a temporary tattoo, a plant stain used for millennia in India, Africa and the Middle East as an exotic but ephemeral… Keep reading »

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Applying a henna temporary tattoo

Temporary body art is a great choice for people who want to sport body art for a special occasion, but don't want to commit to permanent ink. When you're looking for information about temporary tats and other body art options, LoveToKnow Tattoos has the information you need.

Temporary Tattoo Information

Find helpful information about temporary tats and other forms of body art, including:

You can also get information via an exclusive interview with body artist Scott Fray of LivingBrush.

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No matter what you want to learn about non-permanent body art, you can find what you're looking for here. From creative body art ideas, such as lower back temporary tat designs, to information on the various types of temporary tattoos available, LoveToKnow Tattoos is a trusted resource you can count on for reliable facts and unique ideas on the topic of temporary body art.

Temporary Tattoos and Body Art