Celtic Love Knot Tattoos

Eternity Love Knot Tattoo

Designed of two interwoven lines, Celtic love knot tattoos symbolize eternity, love and passion. Having one of these ancient symbols placed on your body can bring their meanings into your consciousness and life.

Brief History of Celtic Knots

Celtic knots have been found dating back to at least the year 450 AD. This Celtic artwork consisted of a continuous loop with no beginning or end. The knot can be formed into multiple designs, and was frequently used by the early Christians to decorate manuscripts.

Various types of knots began to emerge from these early designs, including the Celtic love knot, or eternity knot.

Celtic Love Knots

A Celtic love knot differs slightly from other knot work in its construction. Love knots most frequently incorporate two, interwoven lines within the design to symbolize the love of two people. Additional lines, loops and shapes can also be found within the knots. The shape of the love knot can range widely based on its meaning to the artist or wearer.

Types of Celtic Love Knot Tattoos

Celtic knot tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoo designs. Visually tracing a knot with the eyes is thought to be a meditative device, and the infinite ways of constructing the knots allows for endless customization by the tattoo artist. Along with Celtic heart tattoos, Celtic love knots are often worn by couples, and those seeking love or passion.

Celtic love knot tattoos can be formed into multiple shapes and designs, with several shapes being seen more frequently.

Round Love Knot

Round Celtic love knots are one of the most frequently used Celtic knots in tattoos. Formed in a circle are three, interwoven lines meant to represent elements of nature. The center of the tattoo is left bare.

Square Love Knot

A square knot is also left open in the center, and uses a single, repeating line that runs around the exterior of the knot.

Triple Drop Knot

The triple drop love knot consists of three lines which intersect at their corners. Each knot has three corners as well, with all three knots encompassed inside a single or double line.

Oval Love Knot

An oval love knot tattoo is also known as the spiral or eternity love knot. One of the oldest knot designs, it consists of four separate knots that intersect in the center. One of the more complicated knots, it is frequently tattooed within a circle of black to stand out better against the skin.

Four Love Knot

The Celtic four love knot begins with two interwoven lines which form a circle for the rest of the tattoo. The two lines are meant to symbolize the love of two people and are the base of the design. Inside this circle are four, separate knots joined at the corners by interlocking circles.

Tattoo Designs in Celtic Love Knots

There are several ways to emphasize the shape and woven imagery of the Celtic love knots in tattoos. If you are considering getting a love knot tattoo, try any of these ideas to help the image stand out.

  • Highlight each individual line in a separate color.
  • Include a background color or circle to contrast the color of the knot.
  • Form the lines of the knot out of the image of vines or tree branches.
  • Include other images with the empty spaces of the knots.

Placement of Love Knot Tattoos

Celtic knots can be placed nearly anywhere on the body, with some areas making better use of particular designs than others. Square knots work well at wrapping, making them perfect for arm bands or wedding ring tattoos. Oval, triple drop and four love knots look better on a wider canvas, where they have room to spread out evenly without warping the tattoo image.

Love knot tattoos are one of the oldest forms of art still popular today. Celebrate the meaning of these intricate images with a love knot tattoo the next time you plan a unique design.

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