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If you've been trying to find the right design for cool dragon tattoos, you've likely discovered that there are many options out there for you. From full back pieces like the one pictured here to small symbolic dragons, there are plenty of choices.

There are two main decisions you'll need to make about your dragon tattoo: design and placement. It might help if you pick your design first before trying to figure out where you would like to place it on your body. For others, deciding where they want to get their new ink is the biggest part of the battle.

Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

Design is always one of the hardest parts in trying to decide on a tattoo. For dragon tattoos, it is popular to go with a plain black dragon. The design keeps the dragon powerful and strong but also keeps the tattoo simple.

Some people may even incorporate the tattoo with other elements. For example, in the image to your left, the woman also has two people figurines placed closely to the dragon between her shoulder blades. The tattoo combines both content and design with class.

Abstract Designs

If large and decorated is not your thing, there are still cool dragon tattoos out there for you.

Choosing an abstract design is another way to go. A simple lined dragon may fit the bill quite nicely.

Tribal Dragons

Tribal dragons are another choice.

Consider placing their strong design in between your shoulder blades or on your lower back. If you've wanted something small, a tribal dragon might be great for your hip or inside your ankle.

Tribal dragons also give you the room to customize the type of lines and details used. You could even decide to use a little color to jazz your design up a bit.

Dragon Tattoo Placement

Once you've decided on the design you want, it's time to figure out where you want it on your body.

A popular option for girls (and for guys too!) is a dragon tattoo on the lower back. This placement keeps your design hidden during work hours but still be ready to attack on the weekends. The lower back also provides a certain amount of character for a dragon because it is almost like he is looking out for you from behind!

Dragon on Your Arm

For people who are interested in sleeve tattoos, a dragon can work great on your arm.

This placement will also give the dragon a bit of movement when you bend and flex. This is also a great placement to tattoo a dragon with la ot of color and details. If you're a fan of the dragon from the Mulan movie, Mushu, this would be a great place to get a tattoo tribute to him.

Hidden Dragons

Looking for a stunning place to put your dragon tattoo? Think about having one tattooed somewhere on your chest. The placement will show how bold and strong you are; after all, the chest is often cited as one of the most painful tattoo areas!

Don't let the pain get in your way if you want some ink here: a cool dragon like the one featured here is worth a few hours of pain. The area would also nicely compliment being a part of your wardrobe and fashion decisions.

Final Thoughts

A dragon tattoo can be one of the coolest tattoos that you'll ever get. If you think a dragon tattoo is right for you, figure out what you want, and go for it.

Your awesome ink is more than worth the effort!

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