Corset Piercings

Corset Piercing Facts

Corset piercings make a great visual impact, but they are usually only worn a short time. That's because they're surface piercings that pass just beneath the skin.

Piercing Imitates Fashion

The piercings are placed in two vertical rows down the back in imitation of an old fashioned corset. A long ribbon is laced through the jewelry and tied in a bow to finish the effect.


This type of piercing has a high rejectin rate, and the jewelry tends to migrate the longer it's left in place. Surface piercings are also difficult to heal, so the chance for infection is a bit higher than with a standard piercing.

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Most corset piercings use captive bead rings for threading the ribbon. This is not the best type of jewelry to use for a surface piercing, and it contributes to the ultimate rejection of the piercing. Surface bars are more than suitable if you can find some that are modified to hold the lacings.

Specialty Piercing

Most corset piercings are done for a special event, and are only laced at that time. It's important to give the piercings some time to heal before lacing them because otherwise the ribbon puts too much pressure on the fresh piercings and they begin to pull through the skin.

Short but Sweet...

Although it is possible to heal these piercings and keep them permanently, most people find it impractical. So, if you intend to get corset piercings, enjoy them while you can.

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Corset Piercings