Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

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The Art of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is achieved through the process of micropigmentation. With this procedure, women are able to enhance their beauty on a permanent basis. Similar to tattooing, micropigmentation implants pigments beneath the skin's surface to create an enduring effect.

Choosing a Permanent Makeup Professional

If you're considering cosmetic eyebrows, be sure to seek out a licensed medical practitioner who specializes in permanent makeup. Study portfolios, and try to find out whether previous patients liked their experiences with your potential artist. The main benefit of going to a medical professional (as opposed to a regular tattoo artist) is that you'll gain his or her expertise in the application of permanent face makeup. More often than not, women want to achieve this look in a way that will seem natural and enhance their own beauty. The techniques involved in this manner of tattooing have been mastered by skilled medical experts to ensure that effortless look. A permanent makeup artist may be a doctor, nurse or other medical technician. Of course, any procedure involving tattoos and permanent makeup should be well-thought out and researched. Be sure to check the background and reputation of your prospective medical professional.

What to Expect

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There are a few things to consider before you opt for a permanent eyebrow procedure.

Choosing Color and Shape

The color used for your eyebrows can be chosen amidst a selection of prepared pigments, or custom made to suit your skin tone. Consulting with your permanent makeup practitioner is the best way to determine which color is right for you. Once you've got the right color, the goal is to create eyebrows that appear natural and symmetrical. Your technician will proceed to draw on temporary eyebrow shapes to ensure the design meets your expectations. Once you both reach an agreement on color and shape, the actual process of micropigmentation can begin.

Application Process

The micropigmentation procedure for your eyebrows can take anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours to complete. If there is too much discomfort, a topical numbing agent is used to make the process go smoothly and feel relatively pain free. Your artist may use any of the three standard methods to apply your makeup: coil, rotary or freehand process. Sometimes artists will combine the three techniques to create a stunning and natural look.

After the Process

Once the procedure is over, as is the case with all tattooing, your new cosmetic eyebrows will need to undergo the healing process. Bear in mind that the healing process will be much like other tattoos. They will become somewhat "crusty" in the beginning. They will scab and eventually flake away. At first, you may notice the color appears too dark. This is typical of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. A few weeks into healing, the color will appear much lighter. If the shade is too light, you may revisit your practitioner for touch up coloring.

Why Go for Permanent Eyebrows


Eyebrows can be one of the most alluring features; they silently express your mind, imply moods and, of course, aesthetically enhance your appearance. With your brows working as the frame of your eyes, you might consider a cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedure for a number of reasons:

  • Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos allow you the look of perfect eyebrows with no need to touch up throughout the day.
  • You can completely redesign your eyebrow shape or fill in spots where permanent color is needed.
  • You may opt for either permanent or semi-permanent eyebrows, depending on your practitioner.
  • Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are especially advantageous if you have little or no eyebrow hair.
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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing