Couple Tattoos

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Couples often get tattoos to symbolize their relationship and celebrate their love. Name tattoos are one of the most common choices for couples, but there are also many other unique designs to consider.

Classic Couple Tattoos

Many couples choose to get a tattoo to commemorate their love. Classic design choices range from getting matching tattoos to having significant dates representing major relationship milestones inked.


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Classic design choices include:


The most basic couples' tattoos will simply featured the name of the beloved. Other wording ideas for couple tats include:

  • The birthday of the tattooed person's counterpart
  • Date of the marriage
  • A saying they enjoy together, such as "Love Conquers All"
  • Lyrics from "their" song
  • A symbol of the love they have found, such as Kanji tattoos with meanings like "Love", "Adoration" or "Soulmate"
  • Children's names

Creative Couple Designs

In addition to classic imagery, and matching tattoos, there are also several different ways that you can state you're a couple, in a way that is as unique as you are.

Some contemporary and creative tattoo designs for couples to consider include:

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  • Wedding ring on the ring finger
  • Ying and Yang
  • Ball and chain
  • A phrase that begins on one person's wrist ends on the other's
  • Matching lip prints
  • Puzzle pieces that fit together when matched up
  • An animal that has a special significance for each of you
  • Lock and key
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Wedding bells with the date inside
  • Two rings linked together

Celebrities Couples with Tattoos

Throughout the years, many of Hollywood's hottest couples have proclaimed their undying love with matching tattoos.

  • Rap diva Eve and her man, Stevie J., have matching tattoos. His says "Sleazy" and hers reads "Sleazy's Girl".
  • Dean McDermott has "Truly Madly Deeply Tori" tattooed on his arm in honor of his wife, Tori Spelling. McDermott also has a portrait of Tori inked on his left arm.
  • David Beckham and wife Victoria (Posh Spice) have matching tattoos that read "I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine" in Hebrew. David also has Victoria's name tattooed in Hindu on his inner arm while Victoria has David's initials inked on her wrist.

Think Before You Ink

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If you have made your choice to get matching tattoos, you will not likely be influenced by friends and family who aren't in favor of your decision. That does not make you or them right or wrong. The bottom line is that you want this ink and so does your partner. So get it! Just go into the situation with your open eyes.

  • Try to choose a symbol that you both like rather than simply inking names. This way, if things don't pan out the way you thought they would, you will always have that symbol with you as a reminder of that time in your life, but you won't have to worry about the embarrassment or expense involved with removing a name.
  • Consider creating your own design. A tribal angel holding a heart, a traditional pinup girl and matching soldier or some other form of "his and hers" tattoos are all great design ideas that will express your unity as a couple without the need for removal if the relationship doesn't last.

Lasting Reminder

A matching tattoo with your beloved is a great way to show your commitment and devotion to one another. Each time you look at your ink, you will be reminded of the special bond that you both share.

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