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These Day of the Dead tattoo ideas show that skulls don't have to scary; they can be festive. Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico on November first. It's a day to remember loved ones who have passed away, and colorful, fanciful skeleton figures represent the souls of the dead. You can use these ideas to create a design of your own and perhaps even use your body art as a memorial for your own dearly departed.

Colorful Skull

This awesome skull really gives you a good idea of what you can achieve with this style of tattoo design. The intricate details of this particular skull may not work well with a smaller tattoo, but imagine a similar design as a chest or back piece.

Memorial Tattoo

Here's a design that incorporates a banner you could use to create a tribute tattoo by adding a loved one's name as well as the birth and death dates of that person.

Christian Skull

This Day of the Dead skull design incorporates a bottle of holy water into the artwork.

Floral Skull

Here is another take on the skull design that features the traditional floral eyes, but it's a little less detailed and therefore more tattoo "friendly".

Festive Skull

Day of the Dead is a celebration after all, so a design may include some party elements as a way of symbolically sharing the festivities with those being honored.

Tribal Influenced Skull

Not quite as traditional for a Day of the Dead tattoo design, this stark black image seems to be a hybrid that incorporates some elements of tribal tattooing into the mix. It certainly is eye-catching.

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Day of the Dead Tattoo Images