Dolphin Body Art Tattoo Images

Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Intelligent, playful and sensitive, it's no wonder so many people are fascinated by dolphins and use them in their body art. Like the tattoo of dolphins riding tribal-styled waves pictured here, these creatures convey a sense of joy and freedom that makes them perfect for tattoo designs, and you'll find plenty of ideas to build on in this gallery.

Dolphin and Sun Tattoo

This vibrant design features a black dolphin silhouette outlined in white and then surrounded with a band of irregular triangles. The circular design on the dolphin's body symbolizes the sun. With or without the pink background, this design would make a unique tattoo to place on a woman's calf or upper arm.

Basic Dolphin Flash Art

Perhaps a traditional dolphin design suits your style. This one features a single dolphin done in black and white, but you could ask your tattoo artist to use gray and white ink if you prefer a more traditional look. This design would look terrific with some waves surrounding the dolphin if you'd like to expand on the original artwork.

Dolphin Back Tattoo

This dolphin tattoo is done with a fairly basic line drawing and a touch of shading. It's a small tattoo that could be just right for someone who wants a bit of ink but isn't interested in making a bold statement. If you want to get a dolphin just for fun and you don't want to pay a lot of money to get it, consider adding this little guy to your own back.

Breaching Dolphin Tattoo

This tattoo features a dolphin bursting up through the water into a full breach. A design like this could symbolize many things, including leaving an old life for a new one or overcoming something that has been holding you back. It's placed on a shoulder here, but it would look good just about anywhere.

Orca Tattoo Design

This may come as a surprise, but an orca is actually the largest member of the dolphin family. Orcas are powerful animals, so you could use one to symbolize your own power. This design deserves a prominent place on the chest or back.

Abstract Dolphin Flash Art

If you prefer abstract designs, consider this jumping dolphin. It has a playful, almost cartoon-ish feel to it that sets it apart from most dolphin tattoos, and it might offer a good way to symbolize a free spirit. Consider placing this dolphin on an ankle where it will definitely draw some attention.

Dolphin Shoulder Tattoo

This simple dolphin line drawing with a few splashes of water would make a nice design for someone who is getting her first tattoo since it involves spending minimal time under the needle. The design could always be colored in and expanded later.

Dolphins in the Sunset

Here's a great example of how to embellish a dolphin design. The setting sun and water provide the perfect frame for a school of jumping dolphins. A design like this could symbolize family or harmony, and it's perfect for a back tattoo whether you go with basic black ink or choose to go full color.

Dolphin Pair Flash Art

A pair of dolphins set against a gleaming moon could be a beautiful symbol for a couple. The background in this design is blue, and the details are filled in with white to create the look of illumination. Consider placing a tattoo like this close to your heart for even more love symbolism.

Dolphin, Stars and Rainbow

This ambitious tattoo is amazing to look at, but it's probably not the best choice for a beginning ink enthusiast since it would take considerable time to fill in. The design includes a dolphin set against a rainbow, and there are a few star accents. It's big and colorful, and the entire vibe it gives is positive and uplifting.

Bottlenose Dolphin Flash Art

This bottlenose dolphin drawn in black ink looks good on its own, but it could also be the starting point for a larger work, especially if you decided to do it in color. Just imagine this beautiful creature swimming around a coral reef. A design like this could make a fantastic tattoo sleeve.

Tribal Dolphin Design

Tribal tattoo enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this piece of flash art. The dolphin in this design looks like it's paused in mid breach. Done in black ink with the characteristic bold lines and slashes typical of tribal style, this tattoo would look amazing placed on the back of the neck or on one side of the chest.

Dolphin Ankle Bracelet

Dolphins swimming in water make an attractive ankle bracelet or even a wrist tattoo, and a design like this could suit a man or a woman. The number of dolphins you can include in this design depends on their size and how much space is available, but you might consider using this design to symbolize you and your closest friends.

Dolphins make great subjects for tattoos in a wide variety of styles. All it takes is a little creativity to come up with the right design for you.

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Dolphin Body Art Tattoo Images