Double Tongue Piercings

Double pierced tongue

A double tongue piercing can take your look to the next level, and there's also more than one way to do it. Before you make your decision to get a double piercing, you'll want to know what to expect.

About Double Tongue Piercings

Double tongue piercings are made up of two separate piercings in which you wear separate barbells. Both can be positioned in the same direction, or you can opt for one vertical and one horizontal. While you may decide to get both piercings at the same time to go through the uncomfortable swelling process once, opinions differ on whether you actually ''should'' get get a double piercing all in one shot or let one piercing heal first and then get the second piercing later. Proper placement is important, so make sure you find a piercing specialist with a solid reputation in your area.

The double center is a popular tongue piercing placement where two barbells are placed in the center of the tongue, one behind the other. You could also do off center piercings; this means you have one on either side of the tongue. This method is often referred to as "snake bites". The off center placement is more difficult to do because it is limited by the shape and size of your mouth as well as placement of the teeth and tongue webbing.

You can also get the illusion of two piercings by getting a horizontal piercing. Both ends of the barbell will be visible on the surface of the tongue. Similarly, you could look like you have three tongue piercings by getting one horizontal and one vertical, or four piercings if you get two horizontal piercings.

After the Piercing

Do expect quite a bit of swelling after you get your double piercings. Redness is also common, as is discomfort. If you suspect an infection, check with your health care provider. You may need to take antibiotics. Allow the piercing to heal before you change the barbell. Always follow the instructions you're given when you get your piercing in an attempt to prevent possible problems.

Potential Problems

Of course there is the risk of infection with any piercing, so keep your piercing sites clean and free of food. Follow the guidelines that you receive at the piercing studio when you get your piercings, and rinse with salt water or diluted, alcohol-free mouthwash throughout the few days after you get your piercings.

Some people who have chosen to get the double piercings suggest using extra caution while eating and talking because there is the fear that one piercing could rip the area between the piercing sites and create a single large hole in the tongue.

In addition, playing with the barbells too much by running them along the teeth could result in tooth damage. There could also be severe bleeding, nerve damage, increased saliva, speech difficulties or choking hazards, according to the American Dental Association. Severe swelling could also prevent breathing by closing up the airway. With two piercings, some of these risks could be higher.

Pictures of Double Piercings

Are you still wondering if a double piercing is for you? Pictures could help. Transcend Tattoo has examples of several types of piercings, including a double tongue piercing category.

If you'd like to see the piercings in action, you can find user videos on YouTube. If you're curious and maybe even a little afraid of what the piercing process is like, watching a video of that type may help you make your decision.

Final Thoughts

Getting double piercings in your tongue is a unique way to express yourself. Make sure you know what to expect, how to care for them, and what the potential consequences could be before making the decision to get the piercings. As long as you make an educated decision and choose a piercer with a superior reputation, you will most likely be able to walk away with your new body adornments and no regrets.

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