Exotic Body Art

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The drive to find new ways of self-expression invariably leads people to consider more exotic body art forms. In a world of technology and increasing self awareness, the only limitation for expression through body art is individual imagination.

The Canvas

When it comes to choosing a canvas for art, more and more people are turning to their own bodies. The blank space provided by the human body is the perfect medium for both the artist and the admirer. Flexible and cooperative, skin yields to the tattooist's machine or the piercer's needle with an ease that seems to indicate that the best canvas for exotic art is the one people carry with them every day.

Types of Exotic Body Art

Precision instruments, better sterilization methods, freedom from persecution and a healthy imagination all add up to ever expanding forms of exotic body art. At no other time in body art history has the world so readily accepted all the different ways humans can express themselves through skin decor. If you're interested in stepping up your self-expression, check out the sections below that highlight different forms of artful and exotic body modification.

Tempting Tattoos

Most people still prefer tattoos even though they're not considered particularly exotic anymore, however, just like beauty, the perception of what constitutes exotic lies within the eyes and mind of the beholder. Ordinary tattoo designs assume a bold and unusual appearance with subtle alterations and unique placement combined with exceptional application techniques by a master tattoo artist, especially when it comes to fantasy types of designs. Browse the examples in the section below to fire up your imagination.

  • Volume and Color: The amount of inked skin alone in these examples sets them apart from others. Color, themes and artistry also help make these exotic tattoos.
  • Placement: For most people, a head/face tattoo is a bit extreme, but the designs themselves are unusual. Take a stroll through the gallery published here for even more exotic tattoos.
  • Religious Themes: Due to the proliferation of religions across the world, artistically-applied body art that features religious iconography has wandered into the exotic realm.

Purposeful Piercings

Body piercings have flourished and spread in almost every culture for thousands of years. Despite this continuing growth, piercings remain one of the most exotic forms of body art. Typically, placement and volume along with unusual types of body jewelry help increase the alien aspects of body piercing. While genitalia and nipple piercings are among the most exotic, other areas of the body are popular choices as well. The examples below show some of the more uncommon body piercings.

  • Feminine Piercings: The female form provides one of the most beautiful canvases for piercing, resulting in sensuous, sexy and feminine effects.
  • Facial Piercings: It's tough to get more exotic than piercing body parts that everyone in the world can see, but it's definitely not for the faint of heart.
  • Body Parts: Everywhere there is skin represents an area suitable for piercings. From toes to eyebrows and every place in between, exotic body art lives and breathes on all parts of the human body.

Intense Individualization

As with all artistic forms, some people aren't content with a little decoration here and there. For this group of people, everything that's worth anything is dished out in ladlefuls of extreme-ism. Extreme body scarification, branding, cutting and body implants all reside firmly in the realm of exotic and the practice grows by leaps and bounds every year. Take a look at the examples listed below.

  • Eight Exotic Examples: This link covers scarification, branding, tongue bifurcation, corneal tattooing, suspension (by piercings), 3D implants and creating pointy ears.
  • Branding and Scarification: Browse images featuring a variety of scarification techniques.

Small Doses

Whatever your pleasure in terms of body art, it's a good idea to begin your collection with small, experimental pieces. If you decide you don't like it after some time has passed, it's a lot easier to overlook one tiny piece as opposed to a body full of art. If in doubt, try out some temporary body art before you make the big commitment.

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