Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow with barbell jewelry.

Facial piercings are no longer as taboo as they once were; at any given time on any given street, you are likely to see someone with an eyebrow piercing, nose piercing, or lip piercing. Of all of these, the eyebrow is probably the most popular piercing location.

What is an Eyebrow Piercing?

An eyebrow piercing is what is known among body modification enthusiasts as a surface piercing. These piercings are the type that do not go all the way through a body part, rather, they are passed through a section of flesh creating a type of tunnel. Some other examples of surface piercings are Madison piercings, which go through the skin just above the collarbone below the neck, and wrist or hand piercings.

Typically, a piercing through the eyebrow takes place at the end of your eyebrow, away from the center of your face, and it is pierced with either a 16 gauge or 18 gauge needle.

How is the Eyebrow Pierced?

  1. Your piercer will mark the place on your eyebrow that you want pierced with an ink marker, and then clean the area to disinfect it.
  2. He or she will clamp the skin of the eyebrow with a forceps made for piercing, and tighten it around the skin. Often, they will secure this with a band.
  3. The needle will be passed through the layers of skin, resulting in a pocket in your flesh. The piercer will leave the needle in place to guide the jewelry.
  4. The jewelry (either a curved barbell or captive bead ring/CBR) will be passed through the hole.
  5. Your piercer will go over any aftercare instructions with you.

Things to Remember

body jewelry

The eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing, and the nature of surface piercings is that they can migrate. When a piercing migrates, it actually begins to grow out of the pierced skin, and come towards the surface. If this happens, your eyebrow jewelry may have to be removed and you will have to allow the area to heal before reattempting piercing. The wound caused by migration can be severe, and should be examined by your piercer as soon as it is noticed. Some signs are:

  • Piercing that doesn't heal
  • Piercing that appears red or infected
  • Hole from piercing that seems "stretched" or enlarged
  • Skin reaction to the material of the body jewelry

Jewelry Options for Eyebrows

man with eyebrow piercing

There are two basic types of body jewelry used in eyebrow piercings. One is the CBR, or captive bead ring. This ring is commonly used in all types of piercings because you can easily turn and clean the jewelry and piercing site. Another type of jewelry used in the eyebrow is a curved or banana barbell. These are smaller than the banana barbells used in belly rings, and are sometimes called micro-barbells. These are seen in many eyebrows, but they are not as easy to clean or take care of while the piercing is healing. As with all piercings, the best material for jewelry in your newly pierced eyebrow is surgical grade stainless steel.

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