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Fairy Design Gallery

Magical Fairy Tattoo Designs

There is nothing that portrays the magical essence of femininity and nature better than a fairy tat. These tiny fantasy creatures have a human form and are often depicted as females with gossamer wings. Browse through various designs to find the type of fairy tattoo that appeals most to you.

Mysterious and Mischievous

Getting a fairy design as a tattoo may be symbolic of your mischievous nature or label you as someone who is clever and magical. Many people choose a fairy tattoo just because the design is beautiful, mysterious, and exotic.

Feminine Designs

If you're drawn to feminine images and want a design that symbolizes feminine traits, a fairy is an excellent, popular and enduring choice for a tattoo. These feminine creatures can be portrayed in a variety of ways and be done in colors that make even a large tattoo look soft and girly.

Cute and Playful

Fairy tattoos don't have to be elegant and ethereal in appearance. To show your playful side, consider a cute fairy done in a cartoon-like design. You can use bold colors to make the tattoo stand out.

Fairy Godmother

Consider a fairy godmother tattoo to symbolize that you always have someone watching over you. These tattoos are ideal as shoulder tats and can serve as a reminder that you are never alone.

Tiny Fairy

Fairy tattoos don't have to be large. Even a small fairy makes an impact. For less commitment, opt for a simple design in a spot that isn't always visible. You can always add to your canvas later.

Go Tribal

A tribal fairy design keeps it simple while making a bold statement. Not every fairy has to show her true colors, so get creative with black ink!

Gothic Fairy

Not all fairies are ethereal and feminine - some are strong and sexy, with an edge. If you're a fan of the mythical realm of fantasy or science fiction, consider a mysteriously beautiful gothic fairy design.

Kneeling Fairy

Rather than set her in flight, change your fairy's position for a custom look. On bended knee, this fairy seems to represent grounding and change. The design is perfect for making a statement!

Attention to Detail

Fairy tattoos can be done with a high level of attention to detail. Consider not only the fairy but her surroundings when choosing your design. For example, a fairy can be inked within a flower design or another element of nature.

Incorporating Another Image

Fairies can work well alone as a single design. They also pair well with other images such as dragons, butterflies, trees and flowers. The fairy can be hidden within the design or the focal point of the tattoo.

Unique Reflection

A fairy tattoo design can be as unique as the person wearing the ink. You can add in elements and traits that reflect your personality into the tattoo design for something that is not only beautiful to look at, but meaningful as well.

Tattoo Placement

Once you have selected your fairy ink design, you'll need to decide where to place it. These tattoos can work on any part of the body. They're a great choice for arms, shoulders, hips, ankles and lower backs - any part of the body can make the perfect fairy canvas! This feminine fairy hip placement looks great when paired with a swimsuit or revealing top.

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Fairy Design Gallery