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Tiger tattoo

There are numerous possibilities to choose from when deciding on feline tattoos. Often viewed as independent, sexy, nocturnal and free, the feline is a popular choice among tattoo lovers. Whether you're considering feline animal print patterns, kitten paws or the actual image of a cat, a feline tattoo can be personalized to fit your liking.

Popular Feline Tattoo Choices

The tattoo styles for your feline tattoo are virtually endless; tribal, cartoon, portrait, silhouette and traditional are just a few of the possibilities. However, there are specific felines that show up more often than others when leafing through magazines, visiting a parlor or attending a tattoo show. Some of the most popular feline tattoos are listed below.

Tiger Tattoos

Tiger tattoo on woman's shoulder

As one of the strongest and largest cats in existence, the tiger is one of the top choices when it comes to feline tattoos. Tigers are beautiful, stealthy, and carry an air of majesty. They are regarded as creatures that demand respect and inspire fear. This feline tattoo is often looked at with that same level of admiration. It's not uncommon to see a portrait of a tiger's head or face for a tattoo, especially on the lower back, chest or bicep. You may also consider using the tiger in conjunction with a dragon in the representation of yin yang. Chinese astrology pairs these opposites together exemplifying the duality of the universe. One of the most appealing attributes belonging to this particular feline is its print. Tiger stripes are sometimes tattooed on the body as if the individual is part tiger him/herself.

Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoo on chest

The king of the jungle makes a marvelous feline tattoo signifying nobility, dignity, strength and courage. The lion is frequently depicted as a portrait form with his full mane and face. Having importance in many cultures and traditions, you may use a lion to express a multitude of meanings. For example, Hinduism sometimes presents the sacred icon Vishnu in the personified form of a lion. Ancient Egyptian culture portrays lion imagery in the likeness of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess known as the Eye of Ra, protector of good. Additionally, astrology attributes the Zodiac sun sign of Leo as a lion representing energy, warm-heartedness, and success. That's simply a few of the cultural connections to lion imagery.

Leopard Tattoos


Leopards are believed to be one of the most independent and fearless of wild cats. These animals spend a great portion of their days sleeping. However, when it comes time to eat, they hunt alone rather than in packs. Leopards have an uncommon lack of concern when nearing a human habitat. They are the most likely to wander out of a jungle into a local village and surprise unsuspecting bystanders unlike most other felines of the wilderness who tend to avoid civilization. When used for tattoo purposes, a leopard print is most often the style of preference. This stands out as sexy and fashionable. Leopard print has been used in design throughout Western culture for years, so it's not surprising that it is also used to decorate skin! Although traditional leopard print is colored brown, beige, black and white, you can find an array of colors used when creating a personalized tattoo.

Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty tattoos have become increasingly famous in the past decade. The adorable Japanese anime character first came to life in a cartoon series during the late '70s. Today, Hello Kitty is found on a vast number of consumer products throughout Eastern and Western countries. A pleasant feature of this tattoo is the ease with which it can be obtained since Hello Kitty is a rather simple image requiring less needlework than a highly detailed lion portrait or a picture of a tiger crawling up your spine.

Domestic Cats

Black cat on ankle tattoo

A domestic cat tattoo can be achieved with a great degree of versatility. Some people enjoy portraying their own pet cats on their skin. Others simply enjoy the implications a domestic cat offers. They are seen as playful, sensual, independent, lovable, cuddly, free-spirited, mysterious and much more. Kitty paw prints are always a chic touch when creating a personalized cat tattoo.

Cat Inspiration

These photos of cat tattoos can inspire your very own body art!

Cat tattoo
Tribal cat face tattoo design
cat star moon tattoo
Leopard tattoo on man's chest
Lion on shoulder tattoo
Tiger face tattoo

Decide for Yourself

While the feline tattoos described above are very popular, choose one that fits your personality. Ask yourself what you want this image to stand for, why it carries significance or whether your main objective might be to have something that looks outstanding and eye-catching. Whatever your reasons may be, a feline tattoo is always a good pick!

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