Flower Vine Tattoos

Put them anywhere.

Flower vine tattoos can range anywhere from delicate to edgy. It all depends upon placement and the artist's style.

Why a Tattoo of a Flower Vine

There are a couple of reasons why people choose flower vine tattoos. Most of them have to do with versatility.

You can put a vine almost anywhere on the body. They can be almost any size, length, shape, or color combination. In addition, they can either have a distinct beginning and end, such as when they wrap around an arm or leg in a simple ring (connected or disconnected), or they can remain works in progress for years as you add color and length to the masterpiece. Here are a few examples of what you can do with this type of tattoo:

  • A small vine confined to the foot
  • A flower vine ring on the arm or leg, either connected or disconnected
  • A large vine that starts on your side (or if you're really daring, your thigh) and "grows" over time, continuing up and over, spanning the width of your back and perhaps your opposite shoulder
  • A creeping vine that starts at the ankle and works its way up the calf
  • Flowers of many different colors
  • A monochromatic color scheme, to include the vine, the leaves, and the flowers themselves
  • A vine that highlights your collarbone
  • A vine that curls upward on a limb, wrapping around the whole arm or leg repeatedly
  • A small horizontal vine through another type of design, such as a heart
  • A boomerang shape along the ankle and outer edge of the foot
  • The shoulder (this is where they tend to get intricate and bring in other elements for a composite look)
  • An upper body "frame", such as the one found at Tattoo Spot
  • Across the lower back
  • Surrounding the belly button

Sample Flower Vine Tattoos

Are you looking for a picture of the perfect flower vine tattoo for you? There's no better way to get exactly what you want than to take a picture of an actual tattoo in to an artist. Here are a few galleries to get you started:

  • Female Tattoos offers inspiration in the form of a hibiscus vine. It's rich in color and covers a large area of the upper body.
  • Tattoo Spot has a few pictures to get your mind rolling, perhaps in the direction of designing your own flower tattoo. Be sure to check out the Arm Bands section.
  • Tattoos-by-Design has a few different types of vines. There, you'll find red lilies, strawberry vines, foot flowers, gothic styles, ivy, delicate chains, and even tribal designs. To really dig for the perfect image, you'll have to pay to use the site. It's $19.00 for a year of access to all of their images (over 2000).

Even a simple Google images search will produce pages of inspiration pictures. There, you'll find everything from full body vine tattoos to simple vines that encircle wrists.

Always make sure your tattoo artist's style matches that of the sample. You don't necessarily want a tattoo artist who likes to focus on angular, edgy styles attempting a delicate, curving vine.

Don't forget that you can design your own tattoo. If you have a specific idea in mind, discuss it with your tattoo artist and he or she may be able to draw exactly what you want, even if you can't (though if you can, that may be even better!).

Ideas for Extras

Within those vines, some people like to add in extras, such as initials, birds, hearts, or butterflies. The larger the surface area the tattoo is to cover, the more accents you can weave into the vine. Of course, you can always add anything you like to make your tattoo an original.

Tattoos by Design, mentioned previously, also has a section of extras that will complement vine tattoos nicely. Check out the fonts they use in the vine initials, and don't leave without viewing the roses add-ons, the hearts, and more.

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