Fluorescent Tattoo Ink

UV tattoos

Fluorescent tattoo ink is sometimes referred to as UV ink or black light ink. Don't confuse it with glow in the dark tattoo ink, though, because that can be harmful to your health. Fluorescent ink can be almost invisible or show up almost as vibrantly as a traditional tattoo.

About Fluorescent Tattoo Ink

Fluorescent ink glows under black light (it does not glow in the dark). While it can look "fluorescent" or neon in regular daylight, it doesn't have to have that appearance. It can be invisible until you stand under black light, and then glow.

This unique ink is slightly more likely to irritate the skin than the ink used in traditional tattoos. Although they could be more likely to irritate, fluorescent inks, unlike phosphorescent inks which should never be used, are not known to be carcinogenic. Some tattoo artists are willing to use fluorescents while others still believe that it could be harmful and will not use them in their creations. UV inks may contain carcinogens or allergens, which in turn could contribute to discomfort or cause a rash. In some cases, the tattoo may have to be professionally removed.

If you're using invisible fluorescent ink that will only show up under black light, the tattooing process will not be much different than any other tattoo. Your artist will sometimes have to use a black light in order to see what he or she is doing since the ink can be harder to work with than other types.

Uses of Fluorescents

You could take an average, understated tattoo such as one done in what seems to be exclusively black outline, and fill it in or highlight it with invisible fluorescent ink to really wow your friends at the night clubs. You could also use some of the bright fluorescent inks in regular tattoo art to bring more focus to the creation, rather than using more subdued colors.

Some fluorescent inks aren't as bold as other inks, so you can layer them on top of your traditional tattoos after healing, creating a tattoo that has extra visual appeal by day, and that glows under black light. No matter what you do, if you're looking for a UV tattoo, make sure you choose a very experienced artist because UV ink is harder to work with and doesn't blend as well as other inks. If you're a tattoo artist interested in working with UV ink, realize that it will take some work to master it since it's typically thinner than other inks and doesn't work exactly the same way.

You can also get temporary tattoo ink if you're nervous about the commitment to tattoos in general or the potential skin irritation involved with this type of ink. Put it on, go out and then wash it away when you get home.

Available Colors

Fluorescent tattoo ink is available in all colors. Use these colors as accents or as main focal points in your design.

  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue-green
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Violet
  • Red-orange
  • Yellow-orange
  • Invisible (but glows in color under black light)

You can get fluorescent ink in so many colors. The key thing is that it's vibrant and bright under black light and may even show up under sunlight or regular indoor lighting. These inks won't all necessarily appear "fluorescent" in normal lighting conditions, and they sometimes have to be layered with traditional inks for the best results. However, step under a black light and they will absolutely glow.

Do Your Research

Always ask questions. Some fluorescent tattoo inks may not be safe for use in tattoos, so make sure you know what you're buying or having added to your own tattoo. Make sure there is no phosphorous in the ink. If in doubt, skip it until fluorescent ink is approved by the FDA.

Buy Black Light Ink

There are a few stores online that sell fluorescent tattoo ink, but always be sure to ask any questions you may have before purchasing:

  • Joker Tattoo: You can get Skin Candy ink here.
  • Fake-Proof has a wide selection of colors. You can purchase a kit or single colors.
  • Glow Paint has the solution for those who are nervous about injecting fluorescent ink into the skin. Paint on their temporary ink, and hit the clubs to see how it reacts under black light.
  • Aitoolsrhsa.com: This company claims to have some of the safest UV ink on the market; this could mean a lower likelihood of the skin rejecting it.
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