Chinese Zodiac Animal Tattoo Designs

Terrific World of Chinese Zodiac Tats

Tattoo ideas can come from all around you, even your own personal Chinese zodiac animal or birth sign. Each piece of art is illustrated in the traditional Chinese cut paper technique and provides spectacular detail that your artist can use in full or simplify as needed for the size of your tattoo. Ink them in full color or crisp black.

Year of the Rat

The first of the 12-year cycle, the rat can be lucky, crafty, and resourceful. While you could go with a simple rat illustration, this creation gives you a bit of fun and color with the rats around the fishbowl. The circular design makes it work anywhere including the bicep, forearm, thigh, and even neck. The color and shape of this design can also be fun on the top of the foot.

Ox of Fun

Those honest, dependable, and hard working oxen can also have a lot of fun, especially with this colorful, fun tat. The addition of the flowers, colors, and cat add to the appeal of this enticing tattoo. Given the detail and elements, this tattoo would work better as a larger piece. The square shape also makes it perfect for the calf, thigh, and shoulder blade. You can also turn this into a colorful, unique Chinese inspired back piece.

Terrific Tiger Tat

You might be a volatile, mysterious tiger, but you wear your tattoos loud and proud. Showcasing your ink is part of your ability as a natural leader. Your tiger tat also adds a little fun and playful flare through the colorful flowers added to your Chinese zodiac body art. The more mysterious tattoo enthusiasts might place their tiger on their lower abdomen, back, or upper thigh. Those that want to display their ink with pride, might have their zodiac displayed on their calf or bicep. Regardless of where you place it, tigers are terrific.

Racing Rabbit Sign

Rabbits are not only shy and generous but also faithful. Deciding to go with a tat of your rabbit zodiac sign doesn't have to be plain. Colorful elements like the pink flowers and green leaves really make the white rabbit stand out. You might also choose to make your rabbit pop by using white ink. To make sure that your bunny isn't lost, you might want to add an outline around your rabbit. If you're shy, you might place your tat on your lower abdomen or shoulder. The roundness of the design also makes this tattoo idea perfect for the top of the shoulder.

Delightful Dragon Tat

You are lucky to be born in the year of the dragon. Not only are you destined for prosperity, but you are charismatic. Just like the glorious dragon you were born under, you can have fun with your dragon tattoo. The circular shape of your roaming dragon makes him fit just about anywhere. You might also choose to add a message to go along with your Chinese zodiac in Chinese symbols. Customize your dragon through adding a unique color arrangement or going all black and gray.

Sign of the Snake

Snakes are seductive. Not only that, but as a snake zodiac, you are also sensitive and intuitive. If you fall more within the seductive charms of the snake, you might have your tat follow the curve of your hip or the line of your shoulder blade. Taking a more sensitive approach, try adding this colorful tattoo to your lower back or top of your thigh. No matter where you add this colorful zodiac design, it's sure to get a look or two.

Happy Horse Zodiac

You are bold! You are beautiful! You're not only ambitious but free-spirited. And you know when to be sensual. The traits of the year of the horse are not lost on you. Follow your bold personality by adding a bold, colorful horse tattoo. The vibrant colors of this tat are prefect for your arm or leg. You can also have your happy horse dancing along your shoulder blade. Red not your thing? Don't worry! Customize your colors to perfectly fit your free-spirit.

Ram Charmer

Just like your creative nature, this ram tattoo stands out in a crowd. The vibrant blues and bold pinks dance right off the screen as your smiling, dreamy ram looks toward the sky. Following the charming nature of those born during the year of the ram, this tattoo will be the envy of your friends. The curve of this scene will fit well along the lower thigh, calf, or even the bicep. So as not to lose the detail, you might want to go bigger with this fun loving tat. It might also help to add an outline around your ram to really make him pop.

Entertaining Monkey Ink

With the bold colors of this playful monkey design, you'll show the world how entertaining you can be. With traits of both a curious nature and clever disposition, you'll show the world how fun you truly are. Not for the faint of heart, this colorful, playful monkey will dance right off your skin. A design that is meant to be enjoyed, you'll want to add your monkey zodiac tat to an area that is highly visible like your forearm. This design will also fit perfectly along your calf, ankle, or even the top of your foot.

Ra Ra Rooster Tat

Roosters are said to be bold and flashy. They are also forthright and truthful. If this is what you are looking to project through your tattoo, then look no further. The bold colors of this rooster will definitely stand out among the crowd. The shape of this design makes placement pretty much limitless from the top of your foot to the back of your neck. But to really do your rooster tat justice, you might want to make this a large design on your back or upper thigh.

Devoted Sign of Dog

The creative curlycues and large puppy eyes in this Asian-inspired design scream loyal, devoted, and generous. The fun color of this dog zodiac piece also make it beautiful and flashy. Not only do the blues complement the reds of the fur, but you'll get two for the price of one with the puppy standing next to momma. Do you want to really make your Chinese zodiac shine? Don't skimp on color and give your artist a lot of skin to work with. You might even use your zodiac as a start to an astrology inspired sleeve.

Perfectly Piggy

This prefect black pig shows just how loveable you are as it plays with the sparrows. The red banner in the background perfectly contrasts with the trustworthy pig zodiac tattoo. The shape of the pig's body also shows a bit of your naïve soul. Have fun with your perfect zodiac pig by adding him to your forearm or chest. He doesn't have to be black either, fully customize the colors of your cute little piggy. If you're intrigued by zodiac tattoo designs, check out a gallery of Scorpio Tattoos.

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