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Browsing free tattoo catalogs makes sense for gathering inspiration, regardless if it's for your first tattoo piece, or one of many. The following catalogs will give you plenty of design options, and they may just inspire you to come up with something unique.

Browse Tattoo Designs Online for Free

You can shop for your next tattoo design online by browsing several free tattoo catalogs.

Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tattoo is a highly regarded online resource for tattoo art and they specialize in award winning tattoo designs. If you have been searching high and low for the perfect design and just haven't had any luck then Chopper Tattoo could be the place to find one. The downside is that all your perks come from a subscription to the site for a nominal fee.

  • The cost is $19.95 with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you're looking for one piece you'll pay, find and cancel within the guarantee period
  • Over 3,800 tattoo designs including flash and custom pieces
  • Gallery is very easy to navigate with several categories to choose from
  • Award winning tattoo designs
  • Tattoo shop finder
  • Easy to download and print the designs
  • Unlimited tattoo lettering that is fully customizable
  • Membership also includes:
    • MP3 music
    • Subscription to Ink Magazine
    • Thousands of flash images
    • Gallery of tattoo art
    • Pictures
    • Tattoo ideas

Despite the subscription fee, Chopper Tattoo is one of the most used and most recognized tattoo catalogs on the Internet. You get a lot for so little, and the majority of the actual cost is for the magazine subscription and download bandwidth.

Tattoo Me Now

Much more than just a tattoo catalog site; [htt:// Tattoo Me Now] offers several features that makes using them worth it. Your dream tattoo may be resting within these digital walls.

  • Tattoo Me Now has over 3,500 designs that are placed in several categories. There is also a search function that lets your search via keywords. You can find many styles here including butterflies, flowers and tribal and even some favorites like Japanese style tattoos
  • There is a discussion forum that allows you talk tattoos and can even get feedback from tattoo artists
  • Tattoo studio finder that lists studios all over the world
  • Videos that features clips on tattoos and television shows, photo gallery for members and artists, tattoo e-books and audio files all about tattoos

Tattoo Me Now is a one stop shop for all your tattoo art design needs and then some.

Tattoo My Brain

This is the site where you can go wild over tattoos as they offer many unique designs that aren't found on other sites. You can browse the work before signing up for a nominal fee. Tattoo My Brain offers a gigantic collection of amazing tattoo art.

  • There are over 6,000 tattoo designs that you can easily download and print
  • Browse at any time to just look at the astounding art or to find a new piece to add to your own collection
  • There is a one time only membership fee
  • Plenty of sought after flash designs as well as unique, one of a kind art
  • Tattoo My Brain breaks down their art work in to several categories including:
    • Butterflies
    • American Indian
    • Aliens
    • Chinese Art
    • Games
    • Dragons
    • Fantasy
    • Clowns
    • Weapons
    • Yin Yang
    • and many more

They offer a 100% money back guarantee for two months as well as free e-books.

Tattoo Johnny

Many tattoo parlors frequent Tattoo Johnny for full sheets of flash but individuals can search them for free to find that right design that they can print for a fee.

  • Thousands of high quality tattoos that include both parts your tattooist needs
  • Search by keyword or artist
  • They have an "Art Star" section that lists their most highly ranked artists
  • Free guide to getting your first tattoo
  • Perfect Tattoo temporary tattoo sheets available so you can download and print your design and try it on before ever going near a needle

Tattoo Johnny is mainly just flash work but it has thousands to choose from.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Takes Time

Don't rush to get the first tattoo design that appeals to you because you might regret acting on impulse. Think about the general style of tattoo that you like, and then try searching for ideas in that genre. Even if you think you've found the perfect tat, think about ways to make the design your own. Tattoos are like snowflakes; no two designs should be exactly alike.

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