Free Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs

There are as many different tattoo designs as there are people who get inked. If you can imagine it, nearly anything can become a tattoo.

This shooting star tattoo stretches from one shoulder to the next, inviting the viewer to follow it with a gaze. Shooting star tattoos come in a wide variety of different patterns, each as unique as you are.

Greek Key

Greek keys make fantastic wrist or arm tattoos because of the way they circle an area and repeat endlessly. This geometric design is seen throughout architecture, but it makes a very unique tattoo as well. Learn more about how Greek keys are used in tattoos to find the best way to wear one.

Cross Tattoos

Crosses are seen throughout many cultures and several different religions. As a tattoo, they can be highly stylized, detailed, unique or plain, depending upon your reason for getting one. While some religions do frown on getting a cross tattoo, for many people, there is no greater symbol of their faith.


Mermaids, those mythical creatures of the deep, come to life in vibrant, detailed tattoos. These designs can be chaste or sexy, depending on how you arrange them. Facing away from the viewer, like this design, a mermaid tattoo can be an invitation to follow.


Butterfly tattoos are immensely popular with women. They can be delicate, sexy, feminine, vibrant or detailed, depending upon your tastes. Due to their symmetrical nature, they work particularly well on the lower back or as part of tribal tattoos.


Rich with symbolism, Celtic tattoos work well anywhere on the body. This Celtic cross has a knot woven through its center that gives the viewer a chance to become lost in endlessly tracing the design.


Ambigrams are tattoos of words or images that create different, often opposite, images when viewed from different angles. This Life and Death tattoo is made of an ambigram that when viewed in one direction reads Life, and upside down, reads Death.

Flower Vines

Flowers and vines placed anywhere on the body create a delicate, feminine appeal. These flower vine tattoos wrapping around both ankles create a symmetrical, yet alluring design.

Bad Fairy

Spice things up and show your wild side with a bad fairy tattoo. Fairies tats often show sweet, feminine designs, but a bad fairy tattoo lets you show off your naughty side as well.


Do you have a power animal? If so, consider displaying it in an animal tattoo. From highly symbolic animals, like this koi, to more common animals like house pets, animal tattoos let you express your inner passions.

Angel Wings

Whether displayed in memory of someone or as a statement, angel wing tattoos always catch the eye. Display your angel wings on any part of the body - not just the shoulder blades - and let your tattoo take flight.


Often confused with fairies, pixies are completely different characters. With sometimes grotesque imagery, a pixie tattoo can show people your mischievous, quirky and maybe not-quite-so pretty side.

Sugar Skulls

Does the Day of the Dead hold special meaning for you? If so, consider getting a sugar skull, or Day of the Dead tattoo. These colorful tattoos offer a great way to honor or remember someone dear to you while showing off your love of the macabre.

Chinese Symbols

Chinese symbol tattoos allow you to say nearly anything you want, without the meaning being immediately obvious. Use a Chinese character tattoo by itself, or in conjunction with another image to help get your point across. Just be sure to have the symbol read by a native speaker before getting it inked on your skin.

Memorial Tattoos

There are countless ways you can remember someone through a tattoo. Memorial tattoos can be as simple as this mother tattoo, or as complex and unique as the person you plan to honor.


Angel tattoos are nearly as popular as angel wings. Different types of angels to consider include weeping, laughing, avenging or guardian angels. Angel tattoos can also be worn anywhere on the body, so they can be as personal or as public as you want them to be.

No matter which design you ultimately choose, it will be awesome as long as your tattoo has a special meaning to you.

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Free Tattoo Designs