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Angel Tattoos

Whether you believe in guardian angels, angels in Heaven or that your loved ones watch over you as an angel after they pass away, there are many reasons to want and enjoy an angel tattoo. From biblical style angels to personal angels, there are numerous tattoo designs to choose from.

Crying Angel

If you're considering a memorial tattoo for a lost loved one, consider making it a crying angel tattoo. Give the angel features of your lost loved one, or include the person's name in a banner above the angel's head.

Powerful Angel

Angels are not only women, and they are not only guardians. Some angels can be fierce and protective, like this well muscled angel.

Full Back Piece

If you are giving your angel features of a loved one or creating a vision of what you believe your angel to look like, consider using a large area like the back to display the image. A full back piece allows for greater detail and a more powerful image.

Smaller Angel

It is not necessary to include a full body and long flowing robes with your angel. A softer, more gentle piece may include only the head, arms and chest of an angel in prayer.

Fallen Angel

The devil was once an angel who fell to Earth. If your idea of an angel has a little bit of a naughty side, consider using a fallen angel for your tattoo image.

Open Arms

One of the most popular tattoo designs for angels is a pose with open arms. This evokes the image of the angel welcoming you into Heaven.

Secondary Angel Image

Adding an angel to your tattoo does not mean that it has to take center stage. You can incorporate the image of an angel into nearly any tattoo design.

Angel with Trumpet

Angel designs do not have to be highly detailed or realistic looking. A stylized angel can be just as evocative, particularly if paired with other images, like a trumpet.


A cherub or baby angel can symbolize pure innocence as well as love. This is one of the most classic of angelic imagery forms.

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Photo Gallery of Angel Tattoos