Gangsta Style Tattoo Photos

Gansta Style for Non-Gangsters

Gangsta style tattoos can refer to tattoos obtained as a way to identify a member in a certain gang, but more often in popular culture this term refers to tattoos that mimic the style attributed to gang members within urban settings.

In other words, a person does not have to be a true gangster in order to sport gangsta style tattoos.


"Gangsta" once solely referred to African American gang members, but this term has since evolved into an all-encompassing term regardless of ethnicity. In fact, the term "gangsta" is sometimes used in a positive way to describe a person's fashion sense or street smarts.

For this reason, not all gangsta style tattoos are hardcore or indicative of violence.

Gang Affiliation

Certain tattoos were once used as a method to boast gang-related tasks accomplished by members, such as years behind bars or number of victims the gang member could claim. These tattoos have since become adopted for use by people with no gang affiliation whatsoever, and some of these people do not understand the original meaning behind the design.

Gangsta Style Tattoos Placement

Arms are common places for gangsta style tattoos, but other common tattoo placements for this design style include:

  • Stomach
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Hands
  • Face

Female Gangstas

Gangsta style tattoos aren't only for men. Women commonly request this style of tattoos in an attempt to demonstrate harshness or toughess. Many women obtain similarly designed tattoos as men when requesting a gangsta style.

Script Tattoos

Words are common, especially when conveying a life philosophy or name of a loved one. For this style of tattoo, the script is often ornate and the messages commonly refer to a lack of fear for danger or death.

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Gangsta Style Tattoo Photos