Halloween Tattoos

Woman with tattoos holding pumpkins while covering her face

Tattoos and the holiday of scares and candy go hand in hand and getting a Halloween tattoo is not an uncommon occurrence. What exactly defines a Halloween tattoo? Ghosts, witches and goblins, oh my!

Entertainment Sources for Halloween Tattoos

Horror themed television shows and spooky movies have always been able to create images of fear that make perfect candidates for Halloween tattoos. The following examples make for great Halloween tattoos:

Man Tattoos Himself as a Zombie

Halloween: The classic horror movie featuring Michael Myers can derive many tattoo ideas such as butcher knives, shattered pumpkins and clown masks, with some creativity, there is no shortage of imagery.

Friday the 13th: Jason Vorhees can come back again and again as a Halloween tattoo. The hockey mask or Camp Crystal Lake sign can be grim reminders.

Phantasm: The Tall Man is a frightening image. The ball of spikes then came for your head can cause many nightmares, should you choose to select this permanent image.

Hellraiser: Cenobites, puzzle boxes and Pinhead can make very frightening images on your body that show your love for the horror genre as well as Halloween.

George Romero: George is the enigmatic maker of several of the best horror movies ever made! All of which create graphic and scary images that make the perfect Halloween tattoos! Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead and most recently, Diary of the Dead. The face of George Romero himself could also make a great tattoo.

There are many resources that you can use to come up with some great ideas for your Halloween tattoos. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of movies in which to gain inspiration.

Halloween Images Make Perfect Tattoos

The Halloween season is one that conveys many feelings and emotions. It can delightfully scare you, it can treat you with bags of candy, and it can amaze you with its history. Ask yourself what Halloween means to you. What images from this wondrous time of year can you imagine that will represent your love of the season enough to have its own special place on your body?

Halloween Zombie Tattoos

One thought is that Halloween tattoos should be scary but that just is not the case. There are those that consider Halloween to be a religious holiday, a time of change, a time of growth. To them a proper Halloween tattoo may involve corn stalks and pumpkins, a full moon with clouds or even a pentagram with a wreath around a star point.

Scary or frightening images can also represent what Halloween means to you. Zombies are associated with Halloween and as such make great images for a tattoo. The idea behind a zombie can go further than just a graphical representation of one. A good artist can draw ripped flesh with highlights and color to give the look of rot. Add stitches to the design and it could be Frankenstein related. Like zombies, vampires are often utilized as fodder for tattoos, especially bite marks on the neck with a few droplets of blood coming from the wounds. Truly gruesome Halloween tattoos could be torn flesh to reveal the fat, muscle, bone, burns or cuts. Demon wings and dark angel wings are also fairly popular as well.

If Halloween tattoos are what you are after feel free to check out the two sites below for some ideas as well as downloadable artwork that you could present to a tattoo artist:

Tattoo Johnny: A great Internet site that sells hundreds of tattoo designs. You can purchase the vector graphic, download, and then print it to give to the artist.

Halloween Tattoo Gallery: A series of tattoo images specifically meant for Halloween. Some nice artwork and great ideas for your own ink.

Children and Tattoos

Trick or treat is a popular theme this coming Halloween and there are times when we just don't feel like handing out candy. Kids diets, such as they are these days, may be better off getting apples and vegetable packs. We all know how kids react to receiving healthy snacks in their plastic pumpkins in lieu of candy, so why not give them something fun other than glow sticks? Washable Halloween tattoos make a great treat for the youngsters. These tattoos are completely non-toxic and lead-free. They're fun and come in many styles. They are also very cheap, an inexpensive alternative to bags and bags of candy. There are several good sites on the Internet where you can buy temporary tattoos:

Young boy looks proudly at his temporary tattoos

Temporary Tattoos: A site that has many categories of temporary tattoos.

Century Novelty: A great site that offers temporary tattoos for Halloween as well as trinket toys that could make great treat items.

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