Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Hibiscus tattoo on foot

Hawaiian flowers are exotic, bold and full of color, making them excellent choices for floral tattoos. If you love the idea of a floral tattoo but don't want the same rose tattoo as everyone else, a Hawaiian flower can be a great way to have similar imagery, but with a twist.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Options

Several flower varieties of flowers that are associated with the state of Hawaii. Choose your favorite to incorporate into a new tattoo.



The Yellow Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, and the hibiscus is also often used as a representation of Hawaiian culture. The colors of the hibiscus range from red to purple, pink, white and yellow. When choosing any of these images for a Hawaiian tattoo, the yellow may be considered best as it is the color of the state flower. Hibiscus flowers bloom their best when laid on a shoulder or other round body part that can add dimension to the bloom.


The structured white blooms of a gardenia flower lends a classic look to a tattoo design. Consider working a Gardenia into a vine tattoo to create a fabulous effect of white on green. This style works hand in hand with fairy or gothic design ideas.


For their unique beauty and endless meanings, orchids make both a mysterious and exotic statement on a tattoo design. Due to their long and linear nature, orchids also work for unique placement areas such as full sleeves and leg tattoos.

Calla Lilies

Cala lily

All lilies are synonymous with Hawaii, but the Calla Lily blooms there in nearly every color. This single-petal bloom looks good growing out of any part of the body, including out of other tattoos.


Plumerias continue to dominate the surf-world as one of the most common Hawaiian flower designs. For an authentic beachy tattoo idea, consider wearing a garland of plumerias at your ankle or cascading over an exposed shoulder blade.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise

For the true tropical flower enthusiast, a Bird of Paradise tattoo makes a great tattoo choice. Representing joy, the Bird of Paradise Hawaiian tattoo is colorful, bold and can easily be incorporated into a larger back piece on anyone hoping to make a colorful statement.


Flower leis are often made from lilies, and they are all important to the culture and beauty of Hawaii. Whether you choose to tattoo a lei across your chest, or just use one, single lily on its own, these bold, striking blooms can mean hope, faith and promise, making them an ideal statement tattoo.


The scent of jasmine is uniquely linked to the Hawaiian island. Jasmine's pure, white flowers and evergreen leaves can make a calm, peaceful addition to an existing tattoo, by giving a resting place for the eyes.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos


When choosing between Hawaiian flower tattoos, keep in mind what the flowers symbolize. For most people, this will mean choosing a hibiscus tattoo in one of its many guises. Hibiscus tattoos have become almost as popular as rose or butterfly tattoos in the US - maybe all over the world. Ideas for an Hawaiian flower tattoo include:

  • A hibiscus done in a tribal style with thick black lines and little accent of color or detail.
  • A flower shown in conjunction with other Hawaiian imagery, such as sea turtles, mountains or surfboards.
  • A flower lei tattooed on the chest, in a very realistic style. The most popular of the flower leis is the orchid lei, and this can be done in many different colors depending on the meaning desired.
  • A single bloom on the ankle, shoulder or hand done in intricate detail and bold colors.
  • A bloom hidden amongst other images from nature, with lots of green and lush details so the color of the flower pops when it comes into focus.

Choose Your Bloom

If a bold, colorful statement is what you intend to make with your tattoo, you can't go wrong with a Hawaiian flower. No matter which bloom you choose, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Hawaiian Flower Tattoos