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Creative Heart Tattoo Ideas


Heart tattoos can signify everything from lost love and a broken heart to new love or a celebration of the birth of a child. This type of tattoo can also hold religious significance or be a symbol of bravery. Heart designs can stand alone design or form the "heart" of a more complex piece of body art. Its uses are only limited by your imagination and the your tattoo artist's skills.

Enhancements and Accents


You can look for special ways to enhance the image of a heart and make it unique and special to you. Possible accents include adding a loved one's name or combining the heart with vines, flowers or even barbed wire.

Consider the Location


Tattoos can be placed just about anywhere on the body. When considering your tattoo, think about whether you want it in a discreet location or visible for all to see. A lower back tattoo provides both options. It can be revealed with a shorter top and low-rise jeans or covered up completely in most situations.

Go Bold


Hearts done in a solid color and prominently displayed show the world your passion and love.If you're looking for a highly visible placement that's sure to make a statement, a face placement may be right for you. Consider this location carefully, as it's not one that you'll be able to keep from being visible.

Simple and Sweet


A small red heart can look simple and sweet. For a subtle look, consider just getting an outline of a heart done in a color such as red or pink and allowing your skin to show through the center of the design.

Joined in Love


Having a tattoo designed with two interlinking hearts is a great way to symbolize love. The linked hearts represent the love between a couple and the bond that they both share.

Unique Heart Designs


Tattoos can be personalized to reflect your own style and taste. Consider a unique design incorporating a heart, such as this interesting design that highlights a heart in the center of a sun.

Sacred Heart Symbolism


Sacred Heart tattoos can be a Christian symbol representing devotion to and love of Christ. This design features flames, a crown, a cross and sometimes wings.

Personal Meaning


Heart tattoos mean something different to each person. Hearts commonly represent passion and love, while a heart with wings can represent a free spirit. No matter what your reason for getting a heart tattoo, choose a design and placement that is significant to you.

Popular Symbols


Heart tattoos are popular with both men and women and are always in style. Not only can hearts be done as a simple design, they can also be made into unique works of art using a range of elements. Whether you want to represent your one true love or show off your passion and love of life, heart tattoos can be tailored to reflect your own personal sentiment.

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Heart Designs Photo Gallery