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Kat Von D has a unique way of bringing to life her client's memories and interests in a custom freehand piece. While not everyone will be so lucky as to have a special Kat Von D tat, there are a few ways to ensure your tattoo has the same creative and artistic appeal simply by observing some of the well-known and admired tattoo artist's work for inspiration.

Kat Von D Tattoos and Inspiration

If you're a watcher of LA Ink, chances are you are familiar with Kat's work and her inspirations. Kat meets the needs of her client's with both unrivaled respect and compassion. Whether it is a lost love, a life change or a special memorial piece, Kat strives to bring to life a simple idea with her extreme artistic vision and impressive abilities.

Her freehand designs are inarguably some of the best in the industry, proving why her patrons are willing to wait out her one year booking list for an appointment with this famed celebrity tattoo artist.

Famous Tats on Kat's Body

Hollywood tattoo on abdomen

If you're interested in the tattoos Kat sports herself, you have several to choose from for inspiration of your own. These include:

  • The word "Hollywood" done in red script across her lower abdomen
  • A large, grayscale angel on her left ribcage and abdomen
  • Sleeves made up of several portraits mixed with roses on both arms
  • Multiple band logo tattoos, on several areas of her body including Guns N' Roses, HIM and AC/DC
Kat Von D's sleeve

Tats Done for Other People

Kat's artwork and tattoos have been widely visible thanks to her work with TLC. A few examples of her most memorable tattoos include:

  • Roses on Lady Gaga: Kat tattooed a group of roses onto Lady Gaga before the singer made it big.
  • Nature tattoos: Some of Kat's most famous works include lifelike leaves, roses and other images from nature.

Find Kat Von D Artwork

Read Kat's Book

Kat fans will be delighted to learn that you can purchase her book, High Voltage Tattoo. The in-depth book covers her unique interest in tattoos and filled with expressive drawings, some ranging from her childhood years all the way to her very first tattoo. In addition to showcasing her tattoo art work, the book also include engaging descriptive text for the images.

View More Examples of Kat's Work

You can also check out Kat's work on TLC where you'll find an impressive gallery of the many tattoos she has created.

Book an Appointment

If you want to get an authentic Kat Von D, tattoo you can contact the staff at her current location to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to wait a year or longer to get in.

High Voltage Tattoos
1259 North La Brea Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90038-1023

Kat Von D's Background

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico, Kat Von D quit high school at the ripe age of 14 years old to pursue her interest in tattooing. By age 16, Kat Von D became a professional tattoo artist.

Fans of the original TLC program Miami Ink probably remember Kat Von D as a hard-working young tattooist with a body bedecked with artwork. Stationed in South Beach, Florida , Kat worked for Miami Ink owner Ami James for almost one year as TLC chronicled the happenings in his studio on a unique weekly reality show.

After a falling out with Ami James, Kat packed up and moved back to her home state of California. Soon thereafter, TLC approached Kat about her own reality show, and since 2007 her work and High Voltage tattoo shop has been captured on the reality series, L.A. Ink.

Get Inspired

Kat Von D's artwork and tattoos help take the art of tattooing to the next level. Whether you choose to get one Kat's designs yourself, or you only want to use her work as inspiration, you're sure to find your own new tattoo and artwork is the better for it.

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