Kids Temporary Tattoos


Children always want to be just like their mom and dad, so let them have fun with kids temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo Designs for Kids

Temporary tattoos are usually small tattoos kids stick on their body using a warm washcloth. Removing the backing after a minute will produce an image that stays on for several days before coming off. These stick-on tats often feature your child's favorite sport, toy, animal or cartoon character.

The tattoos might come out of a plastic egg in a quarter machine at the mall or in your child's preferred cereal box. They also can commemorate special events, like school trips, camp and birthday parties. Because they are cheap, easy to remove and fun, they make the perfect party favor for youngsters.

A variety of temporary tattoo designs for kids can be purchased at party stores, discount retailers, toy stores and websites like the following:

Children might also get a kick out of using the home computer to design their own tattoos. You can use your own inkjet printer and regular ink along with clip-art to make tattoos. The only thing you need to buy is special paper that has a film for transferring the tattoo to your child's body. Hemmi Papilio Supplies offers Inkjet Temporary Tattoo Papers, or you could pick up an entire paper kit, like the one offered from McGonigal Paper & Graphics LLC. Keep in mind that children can have allergic reactions to dyes in inkjet paper and the adhesive used to apply the tattoo, so check manufacturer's labels to be sure your child is not allergic to any materials used in the production of these creative tattoos.

Henna tattoos for kids last longer than stick-ons, but are still temporary. These should be applied by an artist, not a young child, due to their longevity. Artists often have booths set up during county/state fairs, carnivals or street markets. Kids can pick from a number of designs they offer, usually hung on an easel, or perhaps request a special design of their own.

Stay Safe Using Kids Temporary Tattoos

Parents often worry about the safety of their children when they are traveling, in large crowds or at airports. High-spirited kids can disappear in the blink of an eye. While a temporary tattoo does not take the place of proper supervision, they can help in emergency situations where you become separated from your child.

Eyedentity Label

The Eyedentity Label is a custom tattoo that provides up to four lines of information. The company recommends placing it in an out-of-sight area, like the back of the shoulder, to avoid your child giving out personal information to strangers unknowingly. Information to include can be a cell phone number, child's name, address, allergies or medical alerts.Eyedentity Labels come in packs of 18 and is available in English, Spanish or French.


SafetyTat was developed by a mom who worried about the "what ifs" after a trip with her children to a crowded amusement park. These temporary tattoos come in a variety of kid-friendly designs, from dinosaurs to puppies to butterflies. You can also choose from designs that convey medical issues, like nut allergies, diabetic, non-verbal and autistic. The only other information listed on the tattoo is an emergency telephone number.Get packs of 16 up to 120 at a time, in one or two designs. Sign up for the email newsletter to get special offers and news.

Tattoos With A Purpose

Tattoos With A Purpose offers a variety of individual temporary safety tattoos and kits designed to help keep kids safe. Various designs, ranging from rocketships to medical alerts, can be selected. However, Tattoos With A Purpose come with a special marker for customizing the tattoos anytime, anywhere. You can write your own cell phone number in or that of a teacher or grandparent.Kits come with tattoos, markers, application towelettes and alcohol removal wipes. Individual tattoos and markers can also be ordered.

Temporary Body Art and Tattoos for Older Kids


Kids between the ages of three and seven may not mind wearing stick-on tattoos featuring Dora the Explorer, but pre-teens will find these kinds of kids temporary tattoos embarrassing. Instead, let your tween experiment with other forms of temporary body art and tattoos.Children aged seven to ten might enjoy letting their creative juices flow with the Alex Toys Body Art Studio. This portable kit contains art sticks, makeup cakes, body glitter, stencils and more for designing their own body art.

The Earth Henna Kids' Henna Body Painting Kit offers a child-safe kit featuring henna powder, mixing solution, eucalyptus oil and applicator. Reusable stencil designs, like a peace symbol, unicorn, and abstracts are made to please this age group. Step-by-step instructions are also included. This kit would be a great gift for pre-teen boys and girls.

Kids temporary tattoos are more than just an amusing pastime. They can also provide vital safety information in an emergency.

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Kids Temporary Tattoos