Leg Tattoos

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Leg tattoos are not as common as arm tattoos but are catching on as a major trend. Many people who opt to get a leg tattoo are often looking for a way to get the art they want without such a conspicuous display - the tattoo is more for their own benefit than for an audience.

Leg Sleeves


Getting a leg tattoo, especially a sleeve, is a process and can takes weeks or months and in some cases even years. Depending on how much skin you want to cover, expect to have your leg piece done in multiple stages.

Cultural Tattoos


Across the globe, leg tattoos and other types of tattoos can be dated back as far as the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras. Leg tattoos have different cultural significance across the world. In many parts of the world, tattoos on the thighs and calves are applied slowly over time as symbols of spiritual growth.

Large Canvas Size


Generally, leg tattoos tend to be larger than pieces on other parts of the body with the notable exception of back pieces. Given that these are larger pieces, the risk of infection and permanent scarring goes up significantly. Never scrub your new leg art or any other fresh tattoo. Scrubbing or rigorously washing a new piece will almost assuredly result in scarring and/or require touchup work down the road.

Make it Meaningful


Your leg tattoo should hold a certain level of significance. Regardless of whether it is religious in nature or a tattoo that holds personal meaning, such as a military tattoo, meaningful artwork of this caliber will be a way to record an era in your life or serve as a daily reminder of your personal values.

Tribal Style


Leg tattoos have different cultural significance across the world. In both Eastern and some Western cultures leg tattoos through history have been the reserved symbols of warriors. Getting a tribal or symbolic tattoo in this area is one way of staying culturally relevant.

Symbolic Tattoos


Some symbols to consider for a personal leg tattoo include those that are religious and spiritual, simple etchings of surnames or the names of loved ones or anything that speaks directly to you and who you are.

Consider the surrounding real estate as well, and check out inspriation for hip and ankle tattoos.

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