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Lip Piercing

Many people feel that lip rings are one of the more attractive body piercings available today, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Basic Information on the Lip Ring

The term "lip ring" refers to any type of piercing that is put through the lip. Like the term earring, this does not always mean an actual ring. Lip rings can take the form of several kinds of jewelry such as hoops, stud and posts. Basically. if it's made to fit the hole that was made, you can wear it. The actual comfort of the piercing is up to you. For those new to lip piercing, it's a good idea to begin simply with the two kinds of standard lip rings:

  • Labret stud
  • Captive bead ring

Never go with inferior materials where your piercings are concerned. Only accept piercings that are made from surgical stainless steel or titanium made for implants.

Many Styles of Lip Rings and Piercings

Always take the time to talk to your piercer about these styles of lip piercings and check out his/her selection of jewelry to get an experienced opinion. A lip piercing generally refers to any piercing in the lip, and there are many varieties:

  • Ashley: This is an inverted vertical labret piercing where the bead sits on top of the lip with the other end in the mouth.
  • Frowny: The piercing is inserted through the webbing of the lower lip and is hidden from view.
  • Horizontal or lane piercing: This is a fairly rare style of lip piercing where both ends of the bar are seen passing horizontally through the bottom lip.
  • Horizontal philtrum: This piercing is pushed through the philtrum (the divet of the upper lip; below the nose) and never all the way through the inside of the mouth.
  • Jestrum: This piercing is nearly identical to the vertical labret piercing, but it's placed through the upper lip.
  • Labret: This is often the choice for first time piercings rather than the ears. The labret piercing is placed through the lower lip and is parallel to the ground.
  • Lowbret: This is a fairly uncomfortable lip piercing for many that have decided to get it. Like a labret piercing, the lowbret is still inside the mouth but is placed as low as possible. The piercing, like the labret, is still parallel to the ground.
  • Madonna or Crawford: Getting the name from Madonna as well as Cindy Crawford; this piercing is meant to resemble a mole or beauty mark. This is another form of a labret piercing but is not centered. Do not confuse this piercing for the similar Monroe.
  • Medusa, upbret or cleft: Consider this piercing an upside-down labret through the cleft.
  • Panda kiss: This is more a style of piercing than an actual piercing. The term refers to two lip piercings on the lower lip that are perpendicular to one another.
  • Scrumper, smiley or frenulum: The piercing is passed through the webbing of the upper lip. The two main perks of this particular piercing is that it heals fast and is fairly painless.
  • Vertical labret: The lower bead of the vertical labret winds up in roughly the same area as a standard labret. It doesn't pass through to the inside of the mouth, instead it directs at an upward angle. The top of the piercing exits through the top of the lower lip so that both ends are seen.
  • Vertical lowbret: Beginning inside the mouth between the teeth and the lower lip, this piercing goes straight down, penetrating through the lower part of the jaw.


You will often hear people mention getting a snake bite piercing that looks like this:


There is more than just the snake bite style of piercing. The type of "bite" is determined by the placement of the jewelry. Several styles include spider bites, which are snake bites that are close together and canine bites, which are both an upper and lower snake bite piercing totalling four piercings. There are several more styles of "bites" but the snake bite is, by far, the most readily seen.

Final Word

Lip rings and piercings can be an attractive addition to your body art, or they can stand alone. Unlike tattoos, these are not always forever; you can remove piercings at any time. Prior to any procedure, be sure to ask your piercer about healing time and care, as well as any potential dangers associated with the piercings.

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