Lower Back Tattoos for Women

floral lower back tat

Whether you're a very feminine woman, or you like to go toe-to-toe with the boys, there are lower back tattoos for women of every style. Learn what the traditional favorites are, as well as some of the more cutting-edge designs to help make the right decision for you.

Lower Back Tattoos Ideas for Women

Traditional Favorites

Flowers, butterflies and anything that is generally light and airy usual falls in the realm of a feminine tattoo, and all can make wonderful lower back designs for women. Consider:

Tiger tat
  • Flower vine tattoos: The best lower back tats stretch across the back to make good use of the space. This is easily done with a vine tattoo. Just add your favorite type of flowers and you have a lovely design.
  • Sun, moon, and star tattoos: They're a little bit off the beaten path, but sun, moon and star designs can give you an air of mystery. Let your stars trail out on either side to add a little width to the design.
hummingbird lower back tattoo
  • Hummingbird tattoos: If you're looking for a colorful design for a lower back tat, a hummingbird makes a beautiful subject. Play around with colors as much as you'd like; there's no need to go for a realistic design unless you truly want one.

Feminine Lower Back Tattoos

If what you're looking for is something ultra-feminine, that will erase the idea of a "tramp stamp", consider one of these very feminine ideas.

  • Hearts: This symbol of life and love is a popular tattoo design, regardless of body placement. Center it on your spine to take advantage of the heart's symmetry in this area.
bow lower back tattoo
  • Butterflies: Delicate and free, the butterfly can symbolize quiet independence and natural beauty. Spread a large butterfly across your lower back, or place a small one off to one side.
  • Fairies: Who doesn't love these magical little ladies with their joyful spirits? Sit one on your spine, or team her up with some flowers.
  • Angels: Celestial beings who represent beauty and strength make a beautiful tattoo. If a full angel doesn't appeal, consider adding only her wings.

Breaking Tradition

So, what if you're not a girly-girl who likes butterflies and long walks through the meadow? Lower back tattoos for women are not strictly relegated to traditionally "feminine" themes.

Why not consider:

tiger lower back tattoo
  • Tribal tattoos: Tribal designs have been white hot for the last couple of years, and because they've actually been around for centuries, you really don't have to worry that your tat will go out of style. You might really enjoy a fairly abstract design, but animals, butterflies and many other genres can be drawn in tribal style. If you like the look of a tribal tat, but you're not sure about venturing away from traditional female tat themes, you can have the best of both worlds by centering a tribal banner with a rose, dragonfly or anything else you please.
  • Barbed wire: For the tough girl who has everything, a barbed wire tattoo might just be the perfect design. To make it a bit more womanly, consider using it like a vine with a red rose or two along its length. The result is a tough yet sexy design.
  • Zodiac tattoos: Not strictly feminine or masculine, zodiac tattoos also make great fodder for lower back tats. If your standard astrological sign is a bit too much for your tastes, like a centaur or the twins, consider using your zodiac glyph symbol instead.
Cherry blossoms
  • Kanji: You don't have to be of Asian heritage to enjoy a kanji tattoo. These symbols look fabulous as lower back tattoos, and you can even augment them with cherry blossoms if you feel a need to soften the look a bit. Be sure to choose a symbol that has some meaning for you.
  • Ying Yang tattoos: The classic Ying Yang makes a terrific tattoo, but you can use any theme of opposites to portray each half of the design on the lower back. Ideas include sun/moon, fire/water and even man/woman themes. Use your imagination.
  • Mandalas: Add a bit of eastern flair with a Mandala tattoo. There are endless ways to design your wheel of life.

Celebrity Inspiration

There is no doubt that the lower back has become such a popular spot for women to wear tattoos that those seeking to be original are avoiding this part of the body. However, if you have a lower back tattoo, or are considering getting one there, you are in good company. You might get inspiration from the tats of women like the following:

  • Angelina Jolie: This good Samaritan has a tiger and a dragon on her lower back
  • Victoria Beckham: Has a star for each family member
  • Eva Longoria: Wears a Celtic Cross on the small of her back
  • Brandy: Has chosen the lotus flower for her lower back tattoo

Why Choose a Lower Back Tattoo

Body art barriers are being broken all the time, but for many women, it's still easier to share your ink in some settings than others. That's what makes a lower back tattoo so perfect; you can cover it with your clothing during the workday, and show it off with a pair of hip-huggers when it's time to play. These tattoos are definitely sexy, and are bound to draw attention the moment you reveal one.

The design you choose really depends on your personality and what you find attractive. Whether that turns out to be an ultra-feminine theme or something that might not immediately seem like a traditional woman's design, it's totally your choice. If you love it and you're proud of it, it's going to work.

Caring for a Lower Back Tattoo

One of the reasons lower back tattoos are so popular is that this area is less prone to stretching and fading than other areas. It still needs some special care, though, to make sure it looks its best.

  • Keep your pants well below your hips as it's healing - a high waist band could irritate healing tissue.
  • Be prepared to sleep on your side or stomach for the first week or so as your new tat is healing.
  • Remember to put sunblock on this area if you wear a pair of low-slung pants or a shirt that has a tendency to ride up. This will prevent any fading from sun damage.

Express Yourself

Women have many designs to choose from and have total freedom to wear their ink on any body part they desire. A tattoo just above the waistband of low-rise jeans has become the body placement location of choice for many women. Express yourself by getting your ink of choice in this ultra-sexy spot and show off your back to its best effect.

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