Male Body Painting

Male Body Painting as Marble

Maybe it's the inherent playfulness, or just the intrigue of being able to recreate yourself that has made male body painting grow in popularity.

Body Painting History

Male body painting has been around for hundreds of years, as the men in South American and African (among many other primitive civilizations) tribes used body painting for various reasons. When combined with dance and music, the body paint would be used to ward off evil spirits. When used in battle, the paintings would strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Often, body painting served as a mating rite. Tribes in the darkest parts of the world use body painting to this day as camouflage or as a way to transcend to the spiritual world.

It wasn't until the 60's that body painting begun being introduced as an art form or used as erotica. The more liberal lifestyles of the 60's youth culture can be attributed to this change in public opinion. Nudity became beautiful and natural instead of viewed as wrong, dirty or immoral. To this day, body painting is fast becoming a legitimate art form, as seen at the state fair face painting booths.

Why Body Paint

Getting hooked on body painting is an easy thing to do because who doesn't want to become someone or something they are not? Who doesn't want to emulate a lion, tiger or other animal or mythical beast? Why not allow your body to become a canvas to reproduce a great work of art?

There is also a sense of closeness and sensuality as the cool paint washes over you. Simply put, body painting is fun and sensual. It transcends more than a heightened sexual experience, it's art work. But on the other hand, you can give yourself over to this sensual art form to find yourself reaching new heights of pleasure and eroticism.

Male Body Painting

Regardless of the obvious sexual connotations that make male body painting fun, there are other reasons why people do it including artistic photo shoots, male modeling, parades and carnivals. An artist, using the male body as a canvas, can create nearly anything. Male body painting doesn't always have to be about art or commercialization, it can also be a very sensual activity between lovers.

Tools of body painting

Body painting typically only has a few actual tools of the trade and if your goal is erotic fun and play you may simply just want to use your hands. Dip your fingers or your entire hand into the paint and then spread it all over your partners' naked form. This type of play can be quite erotic and fun. Professional body painters and those wishing to expand their artistic side will use other methods to create their work. Paint brushes of various sizes and airbrush machines can all be used by the painter.

Body Paints

Body paints are non-toxic and depending on your medium your paint choice will vary. High quality body paint is glycerin based, vibrant in color and has the consistency of skin cream. These paints are applied by wetting a towel or sponge then spreading it over the body. For detail work use various kinds of brushes.

Airbrush body paint is thinner than brush applied paints. The colors are intense and vibrant and can be applied in one coat for total coverage. They last for nearly 14 hours for those long days of shoots. You can add clear thinning liquid to dull the colors to make shading and highlights easier to do.

Those seeking a fun, sensual and erotic experience can use edible body paints. These tiny jars filled with paint can taste like various chocolates. You use your fingers to paint your partner then lick it off. Edible paints can be found at various retail locations like Spencer's Gifts.

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Male Body Painting