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Mandalas are particularly popular in henna tattoos. By definition, a mandala is any one of a variety of geometric designs that symbolize the universe. These designs are ritualistically used by Hindi and Buddhist religions to aid in meditation. Even though their beginnings may be linked to specific religious purposes, mandalas are popular with tattoo enthusiasts of all faiths.


Mandalas are popular because they can combine different elements to create a unique meaning. For example, the mandala not only includes a square for security, but the flower can be seen as beauty. The circle also represents wholeness. Therefore, by looking at the individual parts you can understand the mandala.


Mandalas come in all shapes and are supposed to speak to the soul. Not only do they help with meditation, but each represents something different to the wearer. For instance, red means strength and pink love. Additionally, the shapes are important. The square within this mandala can symbolize security or personal space.


These tattoos can get their shapes from flowers and other artistic design elements. Flowers tend to have a circular shape which can represent family or unification. Since the circle is infinite, you can draw endless energy from this design. It can help you to feel connected to the world around you.


In Buddhism, the lotus flower is a very important symbol. It is used the represent connectedness and unity because of its symmetrical shape. There is also a connection of the lotus to the divine.


The wheel is symbolic in a mandala. It can show a connection between man and nature and finding enlightenment. Because it is encompassed within a circle, it never ends, representing the full circle that happens in life.


The sun represents the universe. It is the beginning and ending of life and growth. The leaves are also popular in representing the tree of life and strength since they absorb the sun.


Flowers are symmetrical and show perfection in life. They also represent beauty and family. The circular shape of the flower can illustrate your solidarity among friends or family.


Spirals within a mandala show the energy and movement of life. Just like the DNA that comprises the body, spirals demonstrate the beginning and creation of life. They show the infinite flow of positive energy as well.

Unique Meaning

Every mandala can be customized to the person through the different symbols that are used to create them. They help to focus meditation whether it is on unity or wholeness like the spirals and circles.

Mandalas are symbols of Buddhism, and if these principles resontate with you, they are one of a variety of Buddhist Symbol Tattoos you can get.

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Mandala Tattoo Designs