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A memorial tattoo is an expression of deep feelings regarding a person or event. People will often get a memorial tattoo to honor the life of a hero or loved one. Body art is also used to memorialize relationships or life altering events such as September 11th. These types of tattoos often have interesting and original designs and artwork to convey the feelings of the person who wears it.

Designing a Memorial Tattoo

A memorial tattoo should contain elements that reflect unique traits of the person, event, or animal it pays tribute to. Angels, roses, religious symbols, and hearts are commonly found in memorial tattoos. All of the symbols are good base elements to a memorial tattoo, but one should consider adding things that make the tribute personal and unique. Illustrating what made the relationship between the bearer of the tattoo and the one it honors special is another way to create a unique memorial.

Memorializing the Life of a Loved One

Tattoos that pay tribute to the passing of a loved one often have the person's date of birth and death within the tattoo. A portrait of the person is a good way to keep memories of them alive. Sometimes a spiritual symbol is a better choice if a portrait brings about sad feelings. Adding a few elements of your loved one's interests and things that they were well known for such as a love of cats or music will make the tattoo a beautiful individualized tribute.

Tributes to Pets

Human beings experience deep bonds to their pets. Often, the passing of a pet is one of the most painful experiences in the life of a person. This is another instance that a portrait is a popular choice. The pet's name, birth date, and date of passing might be included as well as any activities the pet did on a regular basis. Agility, playing ball, digging, are often favorite canine activities; including them in a memorial tattoo for a dog is often fitting. Cats are sometimes fierce hunters that captured mice or birds in the backyard jungle, and a cat lover may consider having their cat's favorite prey as part of a tribute to its life.

Tattoo Memorials to Heroes


These types of memorial tattoos are usually the product of overwhelming admiration and respect for a person that the bearer of the tattoo may or may not have known. Tattoos which celebrate the life of a hero are a great way to keep their inspiration alive. Symbols associated with the person or a portrait of the honoree are a couple of ideas for a tribute to a hero. Incorporating illustrations of what they stood for or profound quotes from the hero make for a unique memorial tattoo.

Tattoos in Remembrance of Important Dates

Dates that impact the lives of people are often the subject in memorial tattoos. Many tattoos in memory of the events of 9-11 have been inked since the day the Towers fell. Firefighter and Military tattoos are often worn in memory of the day a comrade fell, or a major event took the lives of many. The maltese cross and bald eagle are popular elements in tattoos created as memorials to events important to firefighters, police, and military personnel. Banners with that bear the date and an image that reflects serenity, peace, or a blessing can also be found in many of these tattoos.

Memorials are Personal

A memorial tattoo is a personal expression of an individual's feelings. These types of tattoos may take some time to design, and often this process makes the tattoo even more special to the person who wears it, and can even be cathartic.

The permanence of the ink is synonymous with the feelings behind getting such a tattoo. Discuss what it means to you with the artist you have selected. Most artists can make good suggestions for a memorial, and will be inspired to do some amazing work when they understand the meaning that is being conveyed by the tattoo.

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