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Tattoos Inspired by Native American Designs

Designs inspired by Native American art and motifs offer many ideas for modern tattoos. While some choose Native American tattoo designs to honor their heritage, others simply appreciate this classic art style. However, it is important to remember many Native American designs have special meanings and symbolism behind them, so be sure you understand the message before having an image permanently imprinted on your body.

Sacred Feathers

Native Americans consider feathers sacred, and can be offended by feathers worn by non-Native Americans. Likewise, it is considered disrespectful to wear the sacred symbol of a tribe if you do not actually belong to that tribe.

Bear Paw

Native Americans believe that a bear paw is a good omen. This symbol represents both power and direction. Bear paws are often done in a solid black design that looks strong and bold.

Dream Catcher

It is important to be culturally sensitive if you plan on getting a dream catcher tattoo. This symbol is sacred to Native American people and thought to protect against bad dreams. Dream catchers are often done in bright colors such as blue, purple, and pink or in a bold color such as black and red. Designs typically contain feathers as accents.

American Eagle

The eagle is thought to be the carrier of Native American visions and spirits. It is a symbol of courage and freedom and seen as a protector. The eagle can be tattooed alone or as part of a more intricate design.

Lone Wolf

In Native American culture, a wolf is the symbol of freedom. Many tattoos depict an image of a lone wolf. Wolves can also symbolize gentleness, compassion and affection.

Bold Colors and Abstract Designs

Native Americans used many abstract designs in their art. These designs feature bold colors such as blue, orange, yellow and red. A tattoo can reflect an abstract image much like those found in Native American cultures.

Sacred Symbols

There are many symbols and designs frequently used for Native American tattoos. If you plan on getting a tattoo of a Native American design or pattern, be sure to research the meaning behind it so you are aware of the significance of the tattoo before committing to it.

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Native American Tattoo Photo Gallery