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Panther shoulder tattoo

Are you interested in getting some information about panther tattoos? A common type of animal tattoo, panther designs can express the animal within you. Whether you are interested in just getting a few ideas for a design or a few ideas on tattoo placement, panthers definitely inspire creativity.

About The Panther

Panthers are a type of large cat also known as jaguars or cougars, depending on their coloring and their origin. Known for their prideful stance and powerful presence, the animal is thought to be a symbol of absolute power. Panthers are by no means meek animals. If they see something, they will go after it.

Most commonly known is the black panther, which is also one of the most common types of panther tattoos. Like all members of the cat family, the cat emits a regal quality. The animal may be powerful, but it is also reposed. It is a symbol to many of the empowering qualities that felines have.

Is A Panther Right For You?

While there are many reasons someone may choose a panther tattoo, below are some qualities that people who get panther tattoos often have:

  • Often brave in the face of danger
  • Calm and reposed
  • A love and passion for cats or animals in general
  • The personal power to make it through the face of danger
  • A wild spirit
  • A connection to wildlife or nature
  • Diehard fans of the football team

If any of these qualities are true of you, a panther might be the right animal to tattoo on your body. Of course, if none of these are true, you might still want the piece for personal or aesthetic reasons.

Design Ideas For Panther Tattoos

Interested in getting a tattoo of a panther but not quite sure how to make the design work? Here are a few ideas for you:

Panther lounging
  • It is a common design idea to get a black panther tattooed aggressively showing both its claws and teeth. While you could do this in numerous different and unique ways, you could also have the panther sitting regally. Position him on a rock for a tasteful way to show your pride.
  • It is in a panther's nature to stalk, so why not get a tattoo that shows that? Have him pacing and prancing through thick bushes and trees. Another way to show the animal's nature is to have him lounging on a tree branch.
  • The panther would also mix well with other wildlife figures. Consider perhaps a larger mural of different animals such as tigers or antelope.
  • For a smaller type of tattoo, consider getting a panther's head tattoo. The design can be adorned nicely with leaves or branches, but can remain small enough as to not overwhelm someone who's not interested a larger piece.

Design Placement Ideas

Now that you have an idea of which type of panther design to tattoo on your body, here are a few ideas about where you can put it:

  • One of the most common places for larger panther pieces is around the shoulder or upper arm. While this works best with the upper portion of the panther, you could complete the full animal body by having it wind across your shoulder to your shoulder blade.
  • Another great placement idea for panther tattoos is the full back. The area gives many different size and design options from a medium sized panther body on either the lower or upper back to a full back piece of a raging panther.
  • For a full body panther, a great placement effect is to wind it across a limb such as your arm or you leg. You can get a tattoo of the panther in motion with his limbs winding across yours. You can even have the panther wind across your torso if arm tattoos are not your thing.
  • If you are considering just a panther head, there are even more options that you can consider. Smaller areas that would work great include between the shoulder blades or on the inside of the arm.


If the idea of getting a panther tattooed on to your body sounds like a great idea, take the time to find a unique design, and you'll be sure to love your piece for years to come!

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