Pictures of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Designs

Butterflies are one of the most popular images for tattoos. This tattoo art comes in a wide range of designs, from the traditional to the abstract, from color to gray scale, which means that nearly anyone can sport one.


Butterflies are known for their details, but that doesn't mean you need to include them in your tat. Consider just doing the basic outline of a butterfly for a slightly abstract tat.

In Flight

So many butterfly tattoos are symmetrical; make yours a little more interesting with a 3/4 profile of a butterfly in flight, rather than one simply resting on your skin.

Butterfly Grouping

Butterflies are often seen in pairs or groups in nature. Why not group up a few of your favorite images into one butterfly tattoo?


Butterfly tattoos do not need to be realistic. Try hiding a butterfly inside another image, or inside an abstract design to make the tattoo all the more interesting. This type of design can work well for a unisex design, or women who want a less-feminine butterfly tattoo.

Full Color

One of the things that make butterfly tattoos so popular is the vibrant colors you can create within them. Add as many or as few colors as you like to create some intricate designs.

Design Within

Your butterfly does not need to the whole of your design. Add some other details within the wings, like Celtic knot work, to create a tattoo within a tattoo.

Tribal Butterfly

Butterflies don't have to be extremely feminine and delicate; they can also be tough and bordering on masculine. Add some tribal elements to the butterfly design to shake off its more fragile features.

Ying and Yang

In addition to hiding images, you can also use the butterfly's spots as a way to include other images in your tat, such as these ying and yang symbols.

Butterfly with Flames

Take your butterfly out of the ordinary and put it in a circumstance or scene that nature never intended. The result can be startling in its beauty and design.


Butterflies don't have to be colorful and delicate. Make them bold and black for a tattoo that makes a statement.

Simple Design

Sometimes the most beautiful tattoos are also the most simple. A butterfly in profile and a single color can be just as breathtaking as one with its wings spread.

Mini Butterflies

Add some tiny butterflies to a tattoo of a plant or flower to add a little extra detail to the overall design. The butterflies do not have to take center stage to add something to the tat.

Single Tone Designs

If the idea of a monochrome tattoo appeals, but black isn't you, consider getting your butterfly done in any number of solid colors.
Henna red or deep violet can make a subtle tattoo that is still eye catching.


Butterflies are known for their love of flowers. Consider capturing that love in your tattoo by displaying them together.

Delicate Placement

Butterfly tattoos can be as big as the space you give them to fill, but they don't have to be large to make a statement. Some of the best designs are tiny, landing delicately on any area of the body.


Add some elements of different cultures to your butterfly by including tribal elements or characters to get your meaning across.

Check out some other photos of tribal butterfly tattoos for more inspiration and ideas.

Skull Butterfly

The center of a butterfly doesn't have to be a former caterpillar. Add any image you'd like to this area, including a skull, for a fresh take on two very different ideas.

Abstract Design

Give your butterfly some new features with an abstract design. The body of your butterfly doesn't have to remain a caterpillar; it can also have a more sinister side, like this butterfly skull.

Butterfly Fairy

Butterflies and fairies are frequently seen together in tattoos, so why not combine them? Giving butterfly wings to a fairy lets you add some detail or additional color to your design.

Whether you decide on a simple design, a classic feminine look, or one with a more rugged style, butterfly tattoo designs are versatile and unique.

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Pictures of Butterfly Tattoos