Pictures of Nose Piercings

Nose Stud

Nose piercings are one of the most popular styles of body piercing around. From unobtrusive to in-your-face, a nose piercing can follow many different paths.

Barely There

For women who work, or just want a very subtle piercing, the barely-there piercing can fit just right. This very small stud is usually silver or gold in color and is hardly noticeable to those not looking closely.

Touch of Color

Nose screws and studs come in a variety of colors - not just standard metal finishes. Spice up your nose piercing with a hint of color like fuscia or orange.

Curved Barbell

If a stud is too ubiquitous, consider using a curved barbell in your nostril. Curved barbells come in many sizes and arcs, so you can customize the look to suit your face.


Spikes are the opposite of subtle, making them a great choice for the woman who wants a little shock value with her piercing. This spike stud is one that is sure to get noticed.


Nose piercings aren't limited to metal pieces; decorative jeweled piercings can bring a lot of attention to the face.


Link your nose piercing to your ear piercing with a decorative chain. The chain can be hooked through two rings or attached to two studs.


The nostril is not the only area on the nose suitable for piercing. The septum - the area between the two nostrils - is also a prime spot for jewelry. Septum piercings can use closed rings, barbells or curved barbells.

Septum and Nostril

There are no rules with a no piercing, and nothing that says you can't pierce both a nostril and the septum at once. To add some depth to the look, combine a stud with a ring rather than using matching jewelry.

Septum and Bridge

Looking for a different sort of symmetry with your piercings? Rather than using both nostrils, try using both the septum and the bridge. The surface piercing at the bridge of the nose is unique enough to stand out while balancing the septum.

Learn more about double nose piercing options.

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Pictures of Nose Piercings