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Amongst the members of Red Sox nation, Red Sox tattoos are one of the more popular ways of showing off some team spirit. Whether it's the number 9 or the iconic socks, tattoos for Red Sox fans are as varied and legendary as the players.

Tattoos for Red Sox Fans

People in New England take their sports teams seriously, and the Red Sox are no exception to this rule. Arguably one of the most famous baseball teams in America, the Red Sox history is long and filled with heartache and celebration. Fans of the team have been known to go to great lengths to show their love for their team, from the Royal Rooters singing songs to upset the other team to the body paint donned by dozens of fans each game, Red Sox fans love to show their colors.

Red Sox tattoos are a popular image for fans of the game to sport proudly, anywhere on their body.

Types of Red Sox Tattoos

With the long history of the Sox, there is a vast number of tattoos both new and old worn by fans of the team.

The Number 9

Ted Williams, also knows as the Splendid Splinter, is the most recognized and honored Red Sox player in history. The team retired his number 9 jersey, giving Sox fans the ability to sport this number as a permanent show of team spirit and enthusiasm.

The Red Sox B

B for Boston and B for the Boston Braves, the team that preceded the Sox. The iconic Boston Red Sox B is frequently seen as a tattoo on Sox fans, both alone and on the image of a baseball.

Wally the Green Monster

The Red Sox mascot, Wally, has a loveable, easily recognized face perfect for tattooing. Wally's face is typically depicted with a Sox hat on his head, and occasionally a bat over his shoulder.

Reverse the Curse

Prior to 2003 and the Sox finally taking the World series for the first time in 86 years, it was not uncommon for Sox fans to get the phrase, "Reverse the Curse" tattooed somewhere on their body. The meaning of this phrase refers to the supposed curse of Babe Ruth who left the Sox to play for the team's rival, The Yankees.

Since the Sox have gone on to win two World Series in recent years, updates on this tattoo have begun. These include having a line tattooed through the words to show the meaning is no longer relevant, or having the words, "The Curse is Reversed" printed backwards above or below the original tattoo.

The Red Socks

The team's iconic symbol of two red socks is an extremely popular tattoo image amongst Sox fans. The socks can be tattooed by themselves, with the Boston B, on the image of a baseball, with the word, "Boston" above or below or with the words, "Red Sox". The red socks tattoo is most often placed on the upper arm where it can be displayed during games, although some women Sox fans have been seen sporting this tattoo on their lower back, or upper leg.

Red Sox tattoos are not just seen in Boston; as Red Sox Nation grows to include people from around the world, so does the imagery of the team. If you're a fan of the Sox, consider showing your love of the team with any of these tattoo designs, or create your own from any of the team's historic moments from the bloody sock to the phrase Cowboy Up. Whatever design you choose, you will be joining the thousands of Sox fans who have already seen fit to display their love of the team proudly.

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